September 20, 2017

EPA wins their court battle over greenhouse gas rules

You will respect our authoritah. A federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the EPA is … [Read more...]

Lisa Jackson: EPA isn’t to blame for coal industry’s problems

Oh, honestly. Is this some sort of inept, tasteless joke? Try to read around the relentless … [Read more...]

Congress calls out the EPA

"there are some holes..." One group in Congress which doesn’t get nearly enough attention in … [Read more...]

Former EPA official, of “crucify” fame, bails from Hill hearing at the last minute

So rude. Yesterday, I was pretty excited about today’s scheduled House Energy and Commerce … [Read more...]

Federal govt: hey, green jobs didn’t work out, but maybe green education will

Startin' 'em young. Yesterday, Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan, EPA Administrator Lisa … [Read more...]

Obama’s top two energy advisers on taxpayer-funded junkets to Tokyo, Paris

Steven Chu attended Major League Baseball's opening game While many Americans were filling up their … [Read more...]

Romney to Obama: I’d fire that “gas hike trio” of yours ASAP if I were you

Advice. In his interview on “Fox News Sunday” this morning, Mitt Romney again ratcheted … [Read more...]

Senate votes down Rand Paul move to curb EPA regs

The (Lisa) Jackson 5 6? Yesterday, the United States Senate took up a proposal brought forward by … [Read more...]

Obama Thinks He Can Intimidate You and Me Into Silence

The anointed one thinks he can do anything because he (currently) sits in the White House; including … [Read more...]

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