September 20, 2017

Neil Armstrong passes away at 82

"That's one small step for a man ... one giant leap for mankind." An American hero and icon has left … [Read more...]

The Daily Show | Libor – International Banking Actuality Part 37

Banks submit false data to manipulate the Libor interest rate, either for the good of the entire … [Read more...]

Gingrich to the NRA: It’s time to make the right to bear arms a universal human right at the UN

"The Second Amendment is an amendment for all mankind and an amendment which will improve all … [Read more...]

The vision(s) of Ray Bradbury

Scenes of futures past Among the amazing body of work produced by Ray Bradbury, one of his earliest … [Read more...]

Bad news from NASA: If we don’t reduce carbon emissions, the aliens might come and kill us; Update: Not a NASA report

It's come to this. This is really just the story of Sodom and Gomorrah repackaged with a scientific … [Read more...]

Dingie Harry’s Bill Fails in the Senate – Video

Oh, like real people (aka "working stiffs" according to his majesty Nobama) in America are … [Read more...]

The Most Important Of All Our Freedoms At Stake…

I could not comment on the attached article for the reasons stated in the article. What I can say is … [Read more...]


If you’re not terrified by what you see happening in this country…with your own eyes, … [Read more...]

Unrestricted Warfare- How The Chinese Have Attacked The US Already

I have found this book and published the entire document a the bottom.  This is terrifying … [Read more...]

KA-BOOM! INVESTORS FILE SUIT: Bank of America, Countrywide and named executives committed “MASSIVE” SECURITIES FRAUD related to Mortgage-backed Securities

In the debate over whether the mortgage-backed securities of recent years “taste great,” or are … [Read more...]

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