July 27, 2017

Follow the Bouncing Home Price Statistics

I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say this… nary a month goes by that I don’t feel compelled to … [Read more...]

Our DOERS DID IT Again… One West Bank Stops Sale in East!

Who Let the DOERS Out?  Who-Who-Who-Who-Who? Who Let the DOERS Out?  Who-Who-Who-Who-Who? First … [Read more...]

Former Sub-Prime Lenders Are Back to Profit Off of the Housing Meltdown. Seriously?

Warning: People with heart problems, pregnant women, and those with fully developed adult brains and … [Read more...]

Lawyers, foreclosure fatigue and the dreaded FREE HOUSE

Just a few years ago, representing homeowners at risk of foreclosure was a tiny niche in the … [Read more...]

Fraud on the Court | So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

This is a well-written post by George Mantor. I like his un-apologetic rant here. Mostly because I … [Read more...]

Two Years Waiting for the New York Times to Write About Lawyers & Loan Modifications, and they Still GET IT WRONG.

When I first read David Streitfeld’s article headline: “Homes at Risk, and No Help From Lawyers,” … [Read more...]

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