August 24, 2017

Help Wanted | Part Time Attorney Needed – If you passed your boards with a D+, and you can sign your name, you possess all the credentials required for this job

Wow… From a recently posted Craigslist ad… We are a collection agency/debt buyer. What … [Read more...]

Letter to Chief Judge Andy Owens, Twelfth Circuit, Manatee County – The Clerk is Preventing Public Access to “Original” Notes in Court Files

We find this submission from Mark Stopa very interesting. Last week Lisa, myself and Lynn met with … [Read more...]

Correspondence with Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna Staff RE Multistate Fraudclosure Settlement

Please find attached representations by AG’s office that the multi-state settlement cannot … [Read more...]

White Paper | Lobbying Effective to Elude Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions

CORPORATE LOBBYING AND FRAUD DETECTION ABSTRACT This paper examines the relation between corporate … [Read more...]

UPDATED! Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) should be investigated – Video Depositions Unveiled

UPDATED NOVEMBER 8, 2010 - New Depositions of NTC Employees Hey folks, the depostions of NTC … [Read more...]

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