July 22, 2017

Video: Convention devoted to women celebrates Ted Kennedy unironically

Yeah. I won’t run through the usual litany of misdeeds. If you don’t already know them … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Repeats. Remember the TV series “My Three Sons”?  Many of us probably only remember it … [Read more...]

Inevitable: Facebook investors sue over IPO

Dislike. Not only is this not surprising, it’s arguably warranted, given what has been … [Read more...]

Fast response: RNC already up with Obama-forgot-the-recession spot

Memory. Yesterday, Barack Obama told an audience at a campaign rally that “sometimes I … [Read more...]

Thinking Out Loud… Über-Trendy Rich New Yorkers & Ethiopian Cuisine

  Manhattan is where the trendy chic food trends begin, for the most part, right?  It has … [Read more...]

Bad news: The one cool thing about the “Star Wars” prequels wasn’t very cool

Heart-ache. Serious question: Is this a bona fide critique of Lucas or a sly parody of the lengths … [Read more...]

Romney up 16 in Gallup national poll

Can Santorum prevent a tipping point? Pundits have talked for weeks about the possibilities for a … [Read more...]

78 Year Old Civil Rights-Era Activist May Be Foreclosed On by JPMorgan Chase During Campaign To ‘Fulfill’ MLK’s ‘Vision’

Why This Is Important SIGN THE PETITION to keep Ms. Bailey in her home: … [Read more...]

Top Hot Air posts in 2011: 31-40

The truly big stories of 2011. In the second installment of our top 50 posts this year, determined … [Read more...]

Rick Perry on CNN: I’m second in the “Hot Gas” reader poll, you know

Dude. Via Mediaite. My memory’s hazy but, as I recall, “Hot Gas” was one of the … [Read more...]

Rick Perry on CNN: I’m second in the “Hot Gas” reader poll, you know

Dude. Via Mediaite. My memory’s hazy but, as I recall, “Hot Gas” was one of the … [Read more...]

Again: Firefighters let home burn to the ground because owners didn’t pay $75 fee

"You could look out my mom's trailer and see the trucks sitting at a distance." The last time this … [Read more...]

GOP primary on track to be cheapest in recent memory

Fiscal austerity rules We’re coming into what promises to be the most expensive election in … [Read more...]

Rahm Emanuel: No, those e-mails don’t jog my memory about Solyndra

Amnesia. In case you missed it (and it was designed to miss), the White House on Friday released … [Read more...]

Video: Perry implodes; Update: Campaign is over, says top fundraiser

Endgame? Via Business Insider. A few choice quotes. Larry Sabato: To my memory, Perry’s … [Read more...]

Perry backing away from the debates?

"You have to use your time accordingly." Either this is the most awesome primary campaign move in … [Read more...]

“Total fear”: Dow drops 512 points

Change. Remember the last time America had a nice quiet year of economic stability and relative … [Read more...]

One More Time – The Order The Banks Don’t Want You To See

This Order was first published on my site on October 3, 2010, just before the Stephan affidavit … [Read more...]

Requesting Rehearing of a Summary Judgment Ruling

A few weeks ago I posted that I had lost a Summary Judgment hearing.  That loss was most disturbing … [Read more...]

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