August 17, 2017

Christie on Pelosi’s ‘obstructionist’ lamentations: “She’s part of the problem”

Called out. It gets pretty galling hearing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi constantly bemoaning … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Misfires. President Barack Obama said Wednesday the nation needs to start talking about tougher gun … [Read more...]

Pelosi: “I could’ve arrested Karl Rove on any given day”

The Minority Leader is not pleased. It’s shocking, I know — House Minority Leader Nancy … [Read more...]

Obama wants to avoid the sequester?

Balance. In [Thursday's] White House press briefing, Jay Carney was asked about House Minority … [Read more...]

Changing the definition of middle-class

AKA, Republicans are winning the tax debate In a letter to House Speaker Boehner sent yesterday, … [Read more...]

Pelosi: “I feel better” about taking back the House

She can almost feel that gavel back in her hand. Nancy Pelosi is getting cocky: Minority Leader … [Read more...]

Pelosi: Because 90% of Catholic women use contraception, we have to mandate that Catholic orgs buy it

Statist logic. Let’s see if we can follow Nancy Pelosi’s logic in this statement. … [Read more...]

Pelosi’s daughter: My mom wants out

2012: Greatest year ever? I feel about this the way I felt about Alan Grayson’s defeat. On the … [Read more...]

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