August 22, 2017

FHFA’s Fake $100 Billion Number

The critical point made in the Democratic Congressmen's letter to FHFA is this:  Director … [Read more...]

Dividing the Mortgage Loan and Affirming the Consequent

This is a fantastic article (below) written by Gregory M. Lemelson and is posted on his blog at … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: The Role of Appraisal Inflation in Loan Securitization

A misrepresentation is fraudulent if the maker (a) knows or believes that the matter is not as he … [Read more...]

Fla. Supremes Order Bar to Prosecute UPL Against Banks

Administrative Law is one of those areas that interest only academics like me. It isn’t sexy … [Read more...]

Insider Confirms Builder Complicity in Appraisal Fraud

Editor’s Comment: Appraisal fraud, ratings fraud, misrepresentation, steering investors and … [Read more...]

Freedom of Information Act Requests Show OneWest Bank Misrepresentation

Submitted by BMcDonald Most of us are trying to get the info from the banks, which they will not do … [Read more...]

Wild Misrepresentation Watch: Obama lies about AARP endorsement

Read this post » … [Read more...]

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