August 18, 2017

Here It Comes… Can Mortgage Lenders Hold Your Insurance Money Hostage if Your Home has been Seriously Damaged or Destroyed?

Can mortgage lenders hold your insurance money hostage? If your home has been seriously damaged or … [Read more...]

WWJD? | What Would Jesus Do with Bankers?

Anthony Freda/Daniel Zollinger What Would Jesus – Or the Rabbis of Old – Do? Preface: If you are an … [Read more...]

Jesus Went to the Temple and Challenged the Banking System of His Day, Now it is Our Turn

”Isn’t it high time to admit that mortgage lending in the United States and the … [Read more...]

Big Banks Finance Payday Lenders: You Knew that but did you Know some also Make payday loans?

This video is totally worth you 2 minutes. It describes big banks in rather unflattering terms (as … [Read more...]

Jesus | I Threw Out the Money Lenders for a Reason (PIC)

~ Tweet Related posts:A Potential Reason Why is More Stable than … [Read more...]

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