July 27, 2017

Jamie Dimon tells Meet the Press he thinks we’re resenting “success.” He’s wrong.

This past week, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon announced that his bank lost $2 billion trading … [Read more...]

Huntsman on pastor’s Mormon remarks: He’s a moron and his comments were outrageous

"[T]he fact that we are spending so much time discussing it makes it even worse." Not normally a … [Read more...]

Fraud on the Court | So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

This is a well-written post by George Mantor. I like his un-apologetic rant here. Mostly because I … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren Battles With GOP Over CFPB

I have to say something about what’s going on in Congress these days, because it’s … [Read more...]

The Fed Releases: The Beige Book, December 1, 2010, Summary of Economic Conditions. And I don’t know what we’d do without them.

For those that enjoy a good summarizing… The forecast in this December 1, 2020 edition is for … [Read more...]

GMAC Halts Evictions Related to Foreclosures in 23 States When News of Forged and Robo-Signed Documents Comes Out

I’m sorry, but is GMAC… no, wait… Ally Financial… I keep forgetting they’re my “ally” now… run by a … [Read more...]

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