August 20, 2017

Essay | MERS is Dead: Long Live MERS

MERS is Dead: Long Live MERS Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) has generated … [Read more...]

Henrietta Eaton and the Boston Foreclosure Party

Henrietta Eaton and the Boston Foreclosure Party Written by Fr. Emmanuel Lemelson Republished w/ … [Read more...]

Eaton v. Fannie Mae Analysis

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court finally issued its long-awaited ruling in Eaton v. Fannie … [Read more...]

MUST SEE TV: WA State Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Case Against MERS

  “May a party be a lawful ‘beneficiary’ under Washington’s Deed of Trust Act if it never held … [Read more...]

MERS Speak | Setting the Record Straight – MERSCORP’s Response to Some of Attorney General Schneiderman’s Claims

Setting the Record Straight: MERSCORP’s Response to Some of Attorney General Schneiderman’s Claims … [Read more...]

The Value(s) of Foreclosure Law Reform?

As Alan White reported recently, the Uniform Law Commission in the U.S. has named a committee to … [Read more...]

"The Wikipedia of Land Registration Systems"

Pretty amazing opinion in Culhane v Aurora Loan Services of Nebraska byJudge Young of the US … [Read more...]

Thomas v. Flagstar- More Opposition to Taylor v. DeutscheBank, MERS Gets Gutted.

Furthermore, CitiMortgage may not rely on the recorded assignment of the plaintiffs mortgage from … [Read more...]

California Court Rules: MERS Can’t Foreclose, Citibank Can’t Collect

“Any attempt to transfer the beneficial interest of a trust deed without ownership of the underlying … [Read more...]


“Trust me, I’m your friend.” “Hi! I want to be your Lender” … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Policy Now Admits Loan Not Secured

29248253-Mers-May-Not-Foreclosure-for-Fannie-Mae Editor’s Note: Their intention was to get … [Read more...]


There’s more than one way to attack the prima facie case though—here’s a good example of a nice … [Read more...]

Padget v OneWest – IndyMac Provides some insight into RESPA remedies

The Ocwen Court provided an example for clarity: “Suppose an S & L signs a mortgage agreement … [Read more...]

Signing New Docs Creates New Loan and Waives Prior Defenses

Question from blogger: In an awkward position and can’t seem to get a straight answer.  We … [Read more...]


see mers-admits-no-interest-in-mortgage-and-no-loss-on-default see … [Read more...]

Let the In-Fighting Begin… HUGE case for Florida Homeowners

Fresh off the press of the 2nd District Court of Appeals, today the Fla. 2nd DCA issued a stunning … [Read more...]

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