August 22, 2017

Hollywood Reporter: MSNBC producer at convention shoves man for heckling Chris Matthews?

Hardball. You need to look at it from their perspective. They’d been pushed to the breaking … [Read more...]

Newest racist dog whistle: “Chicago”

Dogged. Via the Right Newz and Newsbusters, this one’s much easier than Lawrence … [Read more...]

Newest racist dog whistle: “Chicago”

Dogged. Via the Right Newz and Newsbusters, this one’s much easier than Lawrence … [Read more...]

Fired Yahoo bureau chief: Sorry for my inappropriate “joke”

Plus: MSNBC explains why goofing on Obama for golfing is racist. Go watch the clip again. … [Read more...]

Video: Artur Davis speaks for the disillusioned

What MSNBC was afraid to show. As I wrote on Twitter last night, we got Artur Davis, and the … [Read more...]

MSNBC protects the meme any way it can

They have seen the enemy, and it is themselves. The cast and management at MSNBC really, really want … [Read more...]

Reince Priebus: Let’s face it, Chris Matthews is a jerk and no one watches his show

"If it was a serious show, I'd more concerned." Via Guy Benson, live on the scene in Tampa, simple … [Read more...]

Video: Matthews accuses GOP of playing the race card against team that accused Romney of wanting to bring back slavery, or something

"You got your monologue in. Congratulations." I’m posting this for two reasons.  One, … [Read more...]

It’s come to this: Newly media-shy president turned down an interview with … Chris Matthews

Lockout. I don’t blame him. What if Tingles surprised him with a tough question about how … [Read more...]

RNC on Obama’s interviews: “This is not a parody”

"I just flirted with the President of the United States of America." Heh. Because it’s Friday, … [Read more...]

Video: Kira Davis’ open letter to MSNBC’s Toure

"You should be embarrassed ... You rob it of its true horror." After Toure’s assertion that … [Read more...]

Video: Touré pretty sure that Romney calling Obama “angry” is racial

Yeah. Via Mediaite, does anyone care? If you’re a liberal watching Touré, chances are … [Read more...]

Chris Matthews: Paul Ryan “is Ayn Rand” and wants to “screw” the poor

"He doesn't like those people." Behold, the self-deceiving power of unswerving progressivism on an … [Read more...]

MSNBC’s Mitchell: Ryan “not a pick for women”

Are you for real? Just after Paul Ryan made his running-mate debut in front of the USS Wisconsin on … [Read more...]

The Romney campaign has really taken “lying” to a “new level,” or something

Projection. On MSNBC last night, Ed Schultz and E.J. Dionne argued that the Romney campaign’s … [Read more...]

Gibbs on indefensible ad: Let’s change the subject

“The message is a little over the top. Can’t you admit that?” Former White House press secretary and … [Read more...]

Videos: David Axelrod’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning

Negatives. Some days, it doesn’t pay to get out of bed and have that first cup of Morning … [Read more...]

Aurora victim’s brother to MSNBC host: Why, no, I don’t want to talk about gun control

"If somebody wants to do harm to somebody, they're going to find a way to do it." Via Greg Hengler, … [Read more...]

Ugh: NBC trying to manufacture a “you didn’t build that” moment for Mitt Romney

Shaking my head. Of course. NBC (or, the online news source formerly known as MSNBC) is trying to … [Read more...]

DNC: Hey, sorry about attacking Ann Romney in that last ad

Issues. It’s not exactly a state secret that Ann Romney works with horses as both a passion … [Read more...]

Taibbi on Democracy Now! LIBOR and More (VIDEO)

One editorial note: Matt said “tens of trillions” of losses at one point when he meant … [Read more...]

Is NBC News pushing away MSNBC?

Divorce or disowning? Howard Kurtz got a scoop late yesterday that reminded everyone what the … [Read more...]

James Earl Jones: I understand racism, so I think I’ve figured out the tea party

Terrific. Via the Radio Equalizer, he says he watches a lot of MSNBC and “can’t get … [Read more...]

Video: Don’t ask questions when you don’t want to hear the answers

"Are you seriously treating him as a science experiment?" When I first heard that S. E. Cupp would … [Read more...]

Kurtz: Yeah, that NBC video on Romney’s WaWa visit was pretty doggoned deceptive

Amazing. Why not close the loop on what should be a rather humiliating moment for NBC News?  Howard … [Read more...]

“Lean Forward, bend over”: Neil Cavuto rips MSNBC for questioning Ann Romney’s therapeutic horse riding

"You condescending, sanctimonious twits." Via Greg Hengler. In case you don’t know what … [Read more...]

Video: MSNBC as apologetic as you’d imagine for deceptive editing on Romney WaWa visit

"We didn't get a chance to play it"? I’ll assume everyone has already read Allahpundit’s … [Read more...]

Video: MSNBC notes Romney’s bus tour with montage of exploding buses

Tone. Lest you doubt that they actually ran this, the Washington Free Beacon has posted its own copy … [Read more...]

Former RNC chair to Matthews: “You’re a good sycophant” for Obama’s narrative

"Why are we talking about George Bush?" Heh. “Give me the profound differences between the … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren gets that the “game is rigged”

Advantages. As Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren tries to unseat Republican incumbent … [Read more...]

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