August 18, 2017

What’s the biggest media-manufactured myth of 2012?

Access. Matthew Continetti, of the Free Beacon, does a thorough takedown of Jane Mayer’s … [Read more...]

Debunking the myth of Obama’s regulatory record

Red tape rising Today’s resignation of regulatory czar Cass Sunstein has revived a myth about … [Read more...]

Catherine Austin Fitts | The Myth of the Rule of Law, Or How the Money Works

What scares me the most about this paper is it was written over 10 years ago… This has been … [Read more...]

Shrum: If Obama runs on his record, he’s toast

Myth-building. Robert Shrum appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation yesterday with former … [Read more...]

MSNBC’s Matthews on gay marriage: “At least Democrats believe in evolution”

"It's great to watch politics in action. As we cover this story, the president is thinking." Help me … [Read more...]

Video: Obama’s campaign movie gets the “Mystery Science Theater” treatment

Pop-up video. Via Jim Treacher, this is actually more “Pop-Up Video” than MST but Andrew … [Read more...]

Dick Morris: Dem gender gap claims are bogus!

Exploding the myth. It seems like every poll tells the same story: “Big lead with women gives … [Read more...]

In which Obama shabbily attempts to perpetuate the myth of energy scarcity

Shading the truth. The president likes to repeat that oil production is at an all-time high under … [Read more...]

Video: Federal gov’t jobs “more complicated and difficult” than private sector?

Mythology. Says who?  Well … federal employees, silly.  In fact, as The Daily Caller’s … [Read more...]

Who’s to “blame” for polarization?

Plus, the myth of Internet echo chambers. Earlier this week, the Washington Post ran an article with … [Read more...]

Justice Calls for Foreclosure Mediation Support

The Justice Department's project on access to justice has issued a report summarizing current … [Read more...]

The return of the 400K myth

Initial jobless claims back to Q1 levels. There seems to be no more fertile area for statistical … [Read more...]

The myth of “renewable” energy

And "green" and "independence," for that matter. Politicians have talked about … [Read more...]

Video: The inequality myth explained

"Everyone will turn out to be worse off." As Power Line says, someone at PBS screwed up by allowing … [Read more...]

Weekly initial jobless claims go up 9,000 … unexpectedly!

Plus, the return of the 400K myth. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the media reaction to the weekly … [Read more...]

The Myth of the “Free House”

This is a great post by Katie Porter and I fully agree with her on every point. I have this … [Read more...]

Just Say No

The notion that nobody is going to approve of borrowers getting a free house is a myth. It … [Read more...]

Berating the Raters and Appraisers

“of AAA-rated subprime-mortgage-backed securities issued in 2006, 93 percent — 93 … [Read more...]

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