August 18, 2017

Rahm: Obama deserves the “incomplete”

Middle-class decline continues unabated during Obama term. Who knew that an “incomplete” … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

One giant misstep. Some OOTDs are hilarious; some are annoying; some are outrageous.  Others fall … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

It's time. GOP heavy hitters galore this morning to mark the start of the convention tomorrow. CBS … [Read more...]

Reshuffling the convention schedule for Ann Romney?

Logistics. Earlier this week, we learned that ABC, CBS, and NBC have no plans to broadcast the first … [Read more...]

NBC, Reuters: Weekly jobless claims jump “unexpected”

Seriously? For those readers who wonder why I haven’t written about the weekly initial jobless … [Read more...]

Lee County | Foreclosure Filings are Increasing and Cases Once Dismissed for Flawed Paperwork are Back WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral ~ TweetRelated posts: NT Times … [Read more...]

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama leads Romney by four nationally, by three in battleground states

Stubborn. Ah, the NBC/WSJ poll, the dreariest blog post of the month for the big A. Thus far this … [Read more...]

How the Romney campaign kept their veepstakes secrets

The game is afoot! Since we’ve all been gnashing our teeth speculatin’ about … [Read more...]

Breaking: Romney to announce VP pick tomorrow at 9 8:45 am; Update: NBC says it’s Ryan

Set your alarm clocks. Fresh in the e-mail inbox from Team Romney: Boston, MA – On Saturday, Mitt … [Read more...]

Reports: Romney’s VP choices down to Portman, Pawlenty, and Ryan

Crunch time. NBC reported it first and the Weekly Standard’s hearing the same thing, but the … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Lone star. It’s a cornucopia of Democratic hacks this fine Sunday morning as Axelrod, Gibbs, … [Read more...]

Romney calls Brian Williams a boring white guy

Touché, Governor. All right, I criticized Romney last night for his Olympics answer, but he deserves … [Read more...]

Poll: Hispanics may be tilting toward Obama, but will they show up to vote?

The question also applies to... er, Democrats in general? It seems that last month‘s … [Read more...]

Who’s up for a new NBC/WSJ poll based on a bad sample?

Tilt. Last month’s sample was questionable. This month’s sample is terrible: The 2008 … [Read more...]

Who’s up for a new NBC/WSJ poll based on a bad sample?

Tilt. Last month’s sample was questionable. This month’s sample is terrible: The 2008 … [Read more...]

Ugh: NBC trying to manufacture a “you didn’t build that” moment for Mitt Romney

Shaking my head. Of course. NBC (or, the online news source formerly known as MSNBC) is trying to … [Read more...]

FBI: No racial bias in Trayvon Martin shooting

Zimmerman out on bail, but not out of the woods. Discovery documents released yesterday shows that … [Read more...]

Is NBC News pushing away MSNBC?

Divorce or disowning? Howard Kurtz got a scoop late yesterday that reminded everyone what the … [Read more...]

Jesse Jackson Jr’s office: He’s being treated for a “mood disorder”

Or is he? His spokesman says one thing and NBC News, surprisingly, says another. Whom to believe in … [Read more...]

Obama campaign spokesman: Hey, we never said the mandate was a tax

"It never referred to it as a tax." Really? Last week, the day after the decision, NBC went through … [Read more...]

NBC/Marist polls show virtual ties in three swing states … including Michigan

Bated breath. According to SCOTUSBlog’s conversation this morning, we’re not expecting … [Read more...]

NBC/WSJ poll: Obama leads Romney by eight points in swing states

Dude? It’s a slow news day and this is the national poll du jour so I have to blog it, but I … [Read more...]

Kurtz: Yeah, that NBC video on Romney’s WaWa visit was pretty doggoned deceptive

Amazing. Why not close the loop on what should be a rather humiliating moment for NBC News?  Howard … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Furious. It took months of document demands plus a contempt charge for the Attorney General to put … [Read more...]

Video: Bus bullies apologize to victim

Pass the conch. Here’s the big week-ending question: Is America prepared to hug it out? NBC … [Read more...]

Ramirez on “journalism”

Edits. It’s been a bad month for traditional media, eh?  At least it has at NBC.  Brian … [Read more...]

Brian Williams: If you’re not following the complexities of Fast & Furious, it looks like just more of our broken politics

"A caustic partisan fight." Via Jeff Emanuel of Red State. Would you believe that this is the only … [Read more...]

NBC reports demand for Holder resignation … but not why

Ignorance. Hey, NBC finally reported on Operation Fast & Furious! Of course, it took a … [Read more...]

Open thread: Wisconsin; Update: Revised exit poll says Walker by four; Update: NBC, Fox News call it for Walker; Update: Barrett concedes; Update: Walker by 7.5 with 96% counted; Update: Walker exceeds 2010 vote total

No survivors. Polls close at 9 p.m. ET but we surely won’t get a call until late tonight, and … [Read more...]

Obama, Romney in virtual ties in NV, CO, IA NBC/Marist polls

Change. In 2008, three smaller states flipped to the Democratic Party, although the race had been … [Read more...]

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