July 24, 2017

The Obama Administration, the 49 State Mortgage Settlement, and the Spin: A Study in Shamelessness

The Obama Administration, the 49 State Mortgage Settlement, and the Spin: A Study in Shamelessness … [Read more...]

Why is the Obama Administration Incentivizing Fraud?

Why is the Obama Administration Incentivizing Fraud? In the run-up to the Global Financial Crisis, … [Read more...]

Announcing the National Mortgage Settlement – My Favorite President Obama Speech of All

    It happened last February 9th.  President Obama announced what would become soon … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Math is hard. Two weeks ago, Barack Obama expressed frustration with the pace of negotiations on … [Read more...]

“Irresponsible” Homeowner Eric Eisnaugle Foreclosed – Who is He and Why Do You Care

“We know what happened when we strayed from those values over the past decade – especially … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Lets Banks Out Of Doghouse For Bad Mortgage Servicing, Restores All HAMP Incentive Payments

HAMP: Obama Administration Lets Banks Out Of Doghouse For Bad Mortgage Servicing WASHINGTON — … [Read more...]

House passes payroll tax cut deal

Yippee! Not. After House Republicans caved in negotiations earlier this week, this should come as no … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Deal May Fund State Budget Deficits, Bulldozing of Homes

At least 100,000 homes need to be demolished, DeWine said, and he is establishing a program to match … [Read more...]

Question of the Week | Washington State AG Rob McKenna Explains Why He Supports the AG Settlement (VIDEO)

Rob answers a Question of the Week on the multi-state investigation of loan servicers: … [Read more...]

NY AG Eric Schneiderman Puts Up $1M to Defend Foreclosures

NYS AG puts up $1M to defend foreclosures State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced his … [Read more...]

Should State AGs Settle with Bankers? Ohio’s Former AG Marc Dann Weighs In… A Mandelman Matters Podcast

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the negotiations between remaining state attorneys general … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Fraud Talks Push Ahead Absent California

Foreclosure Talks Push Ahead Absent California Bank representatives and government officials are … [Read more...]

Super Committee about to be a super failure?

Dismal With the Washington Post reporting – and Senator Jon Kyl confirming – that … [Read more...]

Report: Obama, Biden did nothing while talks with Iraqi officials over troop levels faltered

Leadership. The Times claimed on Friday that both sides wanted a U.S. military presence in Iraq to … [Read more...]

Crisis strikes OWS: How can we do more to accommodate the drummers?

"Drumming is the heartbeat of this movement. Look around: This is dead, you need a pulse to keep … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Job for me, none for thee. I couldn’t let the week pass without adding this to the OOTD canon, … [Read more...]

Bondi at Bankers Club Meeting | “Getting State AGs back to the table” to settle “is the most important thing”

According to the Daily Business Review… Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said today she is … [Read more...]

Victimless Crime | Banks, Obama Administration Pressure AGs on Fraudclosure Settlement

Banks say they are being unfairly penalized because Robo Signing is basically a victimless crime; … [Read more...]

Principal reduction plan for struggling homeowners could be part of settlement between lenders and states

Today, Bondi wouldn’t comment on California dropping out of negotiations except to say that … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to Clinton: I’m not the one moving the goalposts

"They get a free ride," ABC’s David Muir interviewed Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday … [Read more...]

Breaking: Palestinians submit application for UN recognition

Rebuke? So much for negotiation: Defying U.S. and Israeli opposition, the Palestinian officially … [Read more...]

More Propaganda | State AG Eric Schneiderman shouldn’t have used negotiations with banks as fund-raising tools

Looks like the Banksters have taken to the editorial / opinion boards of multiple newspapers … [Read more...]

More Push Back | In 50-State Foreclosure Negotiations, Dispute Underlines Basic Questions

“We’ve been accused of being in bed with the banks. To say that to a group of people who have spent … [Read more...]

‘MERS Morass’ is Hanging Up Negotiations on Foreclosure Settlement

“We’re really wrestling with MERS. Does it need to be part of this?” said one official who spoke on … [Read more...]

Is it “almost treasonous” for Fed to launch stimulus before election?

No more than tough negotiations are "terrorism". Rick Perry had the commentariat hyperventilating … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: 29% agree with “Tea Party terrorists” depiction

Ugh. A majority of voters reject the depiction of Tea Party activists as “terrorists,” a … [Read more...]

Iraq begins negotiations to keep US troop presence

"Under intense pressure" from Obama administration. This story began four months ago, when … [Read more...]

Why the New York Times blacked out the Biden terrorist comments story

Unfit to print. The WaPo’s Eric Wemple, addressing the Politico story that Vice-President Joe … [Read more...]

Palm Beach Post Editorial Board “Bondi Picks the Wrong Side” (BANKS)

“At this point, though, she has no reason to be outraged. Ms. Bondi is siding with banks in … [Read more...]

Romney joins the ranks of those opposed to debt limit deal

Good for him. Prior to today, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney didn’t have much to say … [Read more...]

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