July 27, 2017

New poll shows Obama at 51% job approval, but …

... same old sample problems. National Journal joins Reuters and Pew in showing Barack Obama back to … [Read more...]

Obama’s EPA skipping a few steps on climate regs

Process? We don't need no steeenking process. I won’t even dredge up the numerous times … [Read more...]

Famously press-shy figure gets a new job …

... convincing people to talk to media. I never had a problem with the media’s hands-off … [Read more...]

Obama: God wants Congress to pass my jobs bill

Over the top? The president has no patience for the House of Representatives these days. Never mind … [Read more...]

A View from the Bench (Foreclosure Mills) | Lawyers, Judges Debate Florida’s Foreclosure Backlog

Tobin said he wouldn’t call his new job “fun,” but said it was a natural … [Read more...]

New RNC ad: “His Job”

The American Job Act. As Barack Obama climbs back aboard the campaign presidential outreach bus, … [Read more...]

Wow: Cain ties Perry for 2nd in new WaPo/ABC poll

Plus, Obama job approval hits new low in series. The question from last week’s sudden shift in … [Read more...]

The Birth of Robo-Signing…

Ladies and Gentlemen… Welcome to our play… Act II, Scene 1 The Armor Begins to … [Read more...]

Fraudclosure | I Just Threw Up in My Mouth – Bondi: ‘focused on doing what’s right’ …but can’t

Bondi: ‘focused on doing what’s right’ From the report / interview… TAMPA … [Read more...]

Obama Thinks He Can Intimidate You and Me Into Silence

The anointed one thinks he can do anything because he (currently) sits in the White House; including … [Read more...]

Bloomberg poll puts Obama re-elect number at … 29%

Majority boo Porkulus II: Economic Boogaloo. Maybe America is becoming “a very difficult … [Read more...]

NLRB agrees to new rules that will harm workers, job creation

Priorities. The National Labor Relations Board yesterday issued three decisions that will make it … [Read more...]

Bondi’s Firings of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards Need to be Investigated

But think of the message it sends. Get on the right side of these things or get a new job – and in … [Read more...]

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