August 22, 2017

CBO: By the way, the rich already pay more than a fair share in taxes

News flash. Just kidding. “There’s nothing wrong with asking the wealthy to pay a little … [Read more...]

News Flash: It is Illegal for Debt Collectors to Stalk Debtors on Facebook or Threaten to Kill Their Dogs

Do any of you read It is a great source of info on various topics, not just credit … [Read more...]

White Paper | An Evolving Foreclosure Landscape: The Ibanez Case and Beyond

The American Constitution Society for Law & Policy invites you to read: An Evolving Foreclosure … [Read more...]

Can a president truly become irrelevant?

Fading into the background When Barack Obama draws criticism from Republicans and conservatives, … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Whistleblower: “HAMP was About the Numbers & Appeasing the Banks

This is a must see video to learn about how wickedly deceptive the loan servicing industry is and … [Read more...]

Notes Never Made It To the Trusts – BIG Problem for the BIG Banks

Editors Comment Lane Houk 12/2/2010 The article below published on a few days ago … [Read more...]

Only 13 Million Foreclosures in The US

So just how big is the foreclosure problem?  That’s a question economists, policy makers and … [Read more...]

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