July 27, 2017

Great moments in journalism: Both campaigns have quote approval with media outlets

All the quotes that are approved to print. It’s one thing to insist that reporters check … [Read more...]

Video: Welcome to the party (politics), pal

"But you don't know what that is." Via our Headlines, this clip from an Australian news show … [Read more...]

Obama money advantage disappearing

So are his state approval ratings. For a year, Republicans have worried about having to face a … [Read more...]

WaPo critic oddly not in love with new NBC News correspondent

Unfair? When NBC announced that it would hire Chelsea Clinton as a new correspondent for their Rock … [Read more...]

The obligatory “Trump may still run” item

OK! OK! We'll watch The Apprentice for Pete's sake Before you start on me in the comments, let me … [Read more...]

Does the Right own the Occupy narrative?

And did Bloomberg do the Occupiers a favor today? How would the national news media have reacted had … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall Street: Outing the Ringers (VIDEO)

A few thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, I’ve been watching it and going down there for a while … [Read more...]

Carville: I’d like to see some panic at the White House right about now

Say, remember when politicizing the DoJ was bad? The man who once famously advised Bill Clinton and … [Read more...]

Video: Was the NBC/Politico debate fair to the Republican candidates?

Bias. Conservatives complained after the NBC/Politico debate on Wednesday night that the questions … [Read more...]

There he goes again: another $300 billion for Porkulus II: Economic Boogaloo?

Sound familiar? The RNC has a new ad out today called “Sound Familiar?”, which turns out … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Good question. How amateurish was that stunt Barack Obama pulled with the jobs-speech demand for a … [Read more...]

Obama Bin Laden Compound on Google Maps and Satellites

Ok, folks... as someone who doesn't just believe the first thing I hear, I decided to really do some … [Read more...]

Very Scary Video on The Collapse of News Media

Next week is Florida’s Sunshine Week, a week where media and the Florida First Amendment … [Read more...]

How Merril Lynch Helped Blow Up Their Own Firm- THIS IS WHY I’M SO ANGRY!

I appreciate the site that referred to my “delusional conspiracy theories”, then … [Read more...]

Federal Action of Florida Fraudclosure Gate

I am taking serious heat and feel tremendous anxiety and pressure for the grave concerns I’ve … [Read more...]

Watch ABC NIGHTLY NEWS TONIGHT (6:30 p.m.), CNN (5:00 p.m.) and NBC News Channel 8(5:30)

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the national news media stories on the tragedies that … [Read more...]

Tampa Tribune Reports on Kangaroo Foreclosure Courtrooms

The only hope any of us have of returning some integrity to our courtrooms is to support the press … [Read more...]


The national media is now picking up on a major issue in foreclosure cases that we’ve been … [Read more...]

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