July 21, 2017

Wells Fargo gives $22,000 to Suicide Hotline… A gift the bank can use too.

  It all started when I saw that this past February, Wells Fargo had donated $22,000 to … [Read more...]

Husband’s Suicide Over Foreclosure, Wells Fargo to Evict Wife Anyway

Husband’s Suicide Yesterday, Wells Fargo to Evict Wife Tomorrow Anyway So, it was Sunday… yesterday… … [Read more...]

Apple fanboy blogger taking a close look at this new Amazon tablet thingamajig

$199? Via Tech Crunch, easily the biggest news to hit the tech market since Apple rolled out its … [Read more...]

Dylan Ratigan on “Fraudclosure” Still Seems to be “Lite” on Servicers

On television, Dylan Ratigan seems to be the leading source of news on the foreclosure crisis and in … [Read more...]

Martin Andelman, Bio & Backgrounder

IN CASE YOUR INTERESTED At 49 years old, and having originally founded my firm back in 1989, it’s … [Read more...]

More failure – Obama’s plan to help homeowners is struggling

Lies, lies and more lies. I mean, this now the new norm. Can anyone in this administration actually … [Read more...]

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