August 22, 2017

Romney: The US doesn’t need stricter gun laws

Common sense? I think the liberal-leaning outlets are trying to draw attention to the section of the … [Read more...]

When should we have a gun-control debate?

We've already had it. After incidents like the massacre in Aurora, gun-control advocates adamantly … [Read more...]

U.N. finalizing arms treaty to regulate weapons transfers worldwide

Yeah, I'm not really comfortable with that. As we’ve seen time and again, the United Nations … [Read more...]

Pressure on House Dems as NRA to score Holder contempt vote

Bipartisanship. Allahpundit briefly mentioned this last night, but it’s worth a closer look … [Read more...]

Video: Mellow librarian wants you to register to vote

Peace and quiet. This isn’t new … but it is awesome.  Via Cam Edwards at NRA News, … [Read more...]

Video: Romney campaign uses new secret weapon at NRA meeting

SAHM missile. Via Supplyboys News, it’s hard to tell from the audio but ABC says Ann Romney … [Read more...]

Gingrich to the NRA: It’s time to make the right to bear arms a universal human right at the UN

"The Second Amendment is an amendment for all mankind and an amendment which will improve all … [Read more...]

Congressman claims Tea Party, NRA “manufactured” Fast and Furious

Riiight. Attorney General Eric Holder has accused The Daily Caller of creating the story of calls … [Read more...]

Rove: Hey, you know who lends credibility to Bialek’s story?

Plus: One of the NRA employees about to come forward? Mark Levin flagged this on Twitter with this … [Read more...]

On third thought: Cain still seems to think Curt Anderson is the leaker; Update: Time for another “vague new details emerge” update; Update: “It’s a hatchet job,” says former NRA chief

"We're just looking at the facts." Via the Right Scoop. I’m picturing Mark Block, who kinda … [Read more...]

Uh oh: Witness found to Cain incidents?

Linked to .... Perry supporters? So far, neither of the two alleged complainants from Herman … [Read more...]

Lawyer for Cain’s accuser: She wants to tell her side of the story

Confidentiality. She wants to, but … she can’t because of the confidentiality provisions … [Read more...]

Fast and Furious: NRA calls for Holder’s resignation — and urges you to do the same

The crisis of confidence in the scandal-less White House. Attorney General Eric Holder’s part … [Read more...]

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