July 26, 2017

San Antonio’s Julián Castro tries out to be new Obama

Green guy. Julián Castro is the first-term mayor of San Antonio, Texas. In political circles, he and … [Read more...]

NYT on Student Loans in Bankruptcy

At the New York Times, Ron Lieber has a story about the treatment of student loans in bankruptcy. … [Read more...]

NYT ombud: Yeah, this paper is a progressive hive mind, huh?

On the record, off the Q-T, and so totally not hush-hush. Arthur Brisbane concludes his two-year run … [Read more...]

Why No Prosecutions

The NYTimes had a very good editorial today bemoaning, with resignation, that there will not be any … [Read more...]

Oh my: Romney/Ryan lead on Medicare in Florida and Ohio?

Boomerang. An important addendum to Ed’s CBS/NYT number-crunch from lefty Greg Sargent: The … [Read more...]

Race tightening in CBS/NYT/Q-polls of FL, OH, WI

Sample swings. Those swing state polls continue to narrow for Barack Obama.  While a new … [Read more...]

What Happened to Distressed Homeowners Seeking Help (HAMP)

SOURCE: NYT ~ 4closureFraud.org TweetRelated posts: Mortgage Meltdown – Distressed Homeowners … [Read more...]

Hey Dude, What’s Your E-score

Following on to my Acxiom story last week,  check out yesterday’s NYT story on e-scores.  The … [Read more...]

NYT: Oddly, our dependence on Saudi oil seems to be rising

Like our gas prices. Who’d have predicted this? Just about everyone, as Josh Trevino reminded … [Read more...]

Zip Codes and Internet Searches Populate Database Mines

Twice now the New York Times has reported on a mysterious company in Arkansas, Acxiom, that has been … [Read more...]

NYT introduces us to couple Romney didn’t try to kill with cancer

Heart-warm. No, instead, he gave them a personal loan for a house. A house filled with cancer. Nope, … [Read more...]

CBS/NYT poll shows swing states in play for Romney

More sample follies? We’ve already taken a look at one of our “favorite” polls to … [Read more...]

NYT notices Obama campaign’s increasing desperation for contributions

Honesty. Politicians use their e-mail lists to continually hit their base with requests for … [Read more...]

CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac swing-state polls show Obama hitting 50% …

... but check the samples. I’ve got good news and bad news for Hot Air readers today. First, … [Read more...]

CBS/NYT poll puts Romney up one over Obama

In a D+6 poll. Actually, for all the attention that Mitt Romney’s slight lead will get from … [Read more...]

CBS/NYT poll shows voter enthusiasm among GOP sharply rising

Independents, too. After spending tens of millions of dollars trying to demonize Mitt Romney over … [Read more...]

NYT: DNA linked to 2004 murder found on OWS chain may have come from lab contamination

"Total screw-up." I think we all knew something was fishy about a scenario involving an Occupier … [Read more...]

Plouffe: Oh, no, the immigration announcement wasn’t political

NYT: Yes it was. While I was traveling back from the Right Online conference in Las Vegas yesterday, … [Read more...]

Counter-revolution: Egyptian court invalidates parliamentary elections, affirms Mubarak PM’s place on presidential ballot

“Egypt just witnessed the smoothest military coup.” Critics are calling it a de facto military coup … [Read more...]

NYT: State tax revenues to hit 5-year highs

Looks like they're, er, doing fine. Barack Obama and his supporters complained bitterly in the wake … [Read more...]

Video: The left’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Elizabeth Warren

"Elizabeth Warren is everybody's favorite human right now." Via Legal Insurrection, which headlines … [Read more...]

NYT bombshell: Some of Romney’s neighbors don’t like him much

Scandal. Alternate headline: “Republican nominee not so different from average American after … [Read more...]

NYT bombshell: Some of Romney’s neighbors don’t like him much

Scandal. Alternate headline: “Republican nominee not so different from average American after … [Read more...]

NYT/CBS News poll: More than 2/3 of Americans hope SCOTUS will bring the pain on ObamaCare

Anticipation is mounting. I get shivers just thinking about the fate of ObamaCare, currently … [Read more...]

NYT: Say, that Planned Parenthood attack ad on Romney might be a bit unfair

The war on context. Planned Parenthood has endorsed Barack Obama, ending that drawn-out suspense of … [Read more...]

Flame on: The greatest cyberweapon ever?

Target: Iran. Now that you’re done with the NYT piece on Obama’s Al Qaeda “kill … [Read more...]

NYT: Obama personally overseeing U.S. intel’s Al Qaeda “kill list”

The decider. A dynamite piece, well worth 10 minutes of your time. In fact, there’s no better … [Read more...]

What Is Private Equity?

The Presidential campaign's focus on Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital suffers from a … [Read more...]

Fox News poll: Obama 46, Romney 39

Oof. Monday’s NYT poll: Romney by two among women. Today’s Fox News poll: Obama by 22 … [Read more...]

NYT/CBS poll: Romney 46, Obama 43

Oh my. The weighted sample of registered voters: 36D/30R/34I, which is right in line with most … [Read more...]

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