July 27, 2017

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas | Ultra Easy Monetary Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences

The Market Ticker – The Can Is Full Of Cement Apparently The Dallas Fed, which has been a … [Read more...]

MN Democrat tests limits of well-known axiom on political death

State rep caught with live boy. Most people in politics have at one time or another said about an … [Read more...]

Energy on the campaign trail: Romney talks coal, Obama chases wind

Of practicalities and realities. President Obama has been making a concentrated swing through Iowa … [Read more...]

New Allen West ad responds to “shameful” attack

"Vile." Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) is running a hard race for reelection to Congress this November, … [Read more...]

Allen West condemns opponent’s Super PAC ad that shows him punching women, taking money

"It plays on stereotypes and fear to divide Americans..." Via the Shark Tank and the Blaze. The … [Read more...]

New Brown ad attacks Warren over “you didn’t build it” argument

"Let America be America again." So, which Senate candidate in Massachusetts is running on the … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Shored up. When lecturing one’s opponent on acceptable economic policy, it helps to actually … [Read more...]

Targets of Obama’s populist rhetoric oddly enthusiastic for his opponent

Shocka! Alternate headline: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — and … [Read more...]

Obama: You can fit Romney’s campaign in a tweet and have characters to spare

Slogans. In which a guy with a famously short resume, who got elected on the strength of vacuous … [Read more...]

Howard Dean: Walker’s win is the “beginning of the undermining of American democracy”

"Tons and tons of money." Former DNC chairman and governor of Vermont Howard Dean appeared on MSNBC … [Read more...]

Personal intrusion in the age of politics

Friends and neighbors? You probably receive all sort of direct mail items during election season. We … [Read more...]

Video: Famous Chicago political organizer … outorganized?; Update: Romney holds surprise presser of his own outside Solyndra

"Clearly, not what they expected, not what they planned." This sums up perfectly the first month of … [Read more...]

Oh my: Scott Walker 48, likely Dem opponent 47

"For the next five weeks, Wisconsin is going to be the center of the American political … [Read more...]

Video: “Party Of Ideas” now on day four of talking about feeble budget gimmick that’ll never pass

As a famous man once said, “If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your … [Read more...]

Romney: Obama’s the real Etch-a-Sketch candidate, you know

"The candidates have to be candid about their views and their plans." In which a man possessed of … [Read more...]

Homeowner Rights to Discovery in Foreclosure Cases

This is a great post by attorney Mark Stopa of St. Petersburg, Florida. Discovery and Rules of … [Read more...]

Price Check | An Example of the Cost of Securitization Fail and Fraudclosure to Retirement Funds, Pensions & Municipalities

Price Check A particularly determined opponent of fraudclosures refused to allow his constitutional … [Read more...]

Video: “Desperate”

Battle of the super-PACs. With apologies to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, when two super-PACs go to … [Read more...]

Paul in 1995: Say, have you read The Ron Paul Survival Report?

Plus, "the foreign policy of Jeremiah Wright." I don’t think I’ll ever run for public … [Read more...]

Krauthammer: Let’s face it, Boehner should have let Obama speak on the night of the GOP debate

Hmmm. Simple logic: When your opponent’s in the process of making a mistake, get out of his … [Read more...]

Zuckerman: America has a competency crisis in the White House

"Like many Americans who supported him, I long for a triple-A president to run a triple-A … [Read more...]

Getting Kinky for Perry

The most entertaining endorsement you'll ever read. It’s one thing to get one’s usual … [Read more...]

Reuters: Obama’s campaign team wants to face Perry

Oh my. When you’ve got a record of economic achievement as solid as The One’s, why care … [Read more...]

Videos: What the spinners want you to believe

Writing the history you didn't necessarily witness. What’s the one thing that matters most in … [Read more...]

Does the deal provide an opening for Obama primary opponent?

The primary isn't Obama's real problem. There may be few clear winners from the debt-ceiling deal … [Read more...]

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