August 18, 2017

NPR Podcast on Clarkson & Edwards, “Robosigning” & Florida’s Land Records

  Florida Robosigners Two government lawyers, June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, smelled … [Read more...]

Bondi’s Firing of Foreclosure Fraud Attorneys for ‘Political’ Reasons Still Being Called Into Question

An attorney for Lender Processing, Martin Fiorentino, who lobbied on behalf of the company, is … [Read more...]

Congressman claims Tea Party, NRA “manufactured” Fast and Furious

Riiight. Attorney General Eric Holder has accused The Daily Caller of creating the story of calls … [Read more...]

Our Protest Picture from A View From the Bench on Front Page of Daily Business Review

Picture of our protest in front of the View from the Bench seminar. Funny how they used our picture … [Read more...] | Attorneys’ Ouster From Fla. AG’s Office Stirs Controversy

Attorneys’ Ouster From Fla. AG’s Office Stirs Controversy Since leaving the attorney … [Read more...]

Fox Guarding the Hen House? Jeff Atwater’s Inspector General to Investigate the Ouster of Bondi’s Foreclosure Fraud Fighters, Edwards & Clarkson

“Bondi designated her own IG, Jim Varnado, as Luczynski’s liaison in the Department of … [Read more...]

Statement | Edwards and Clarkson Release a Statement Detailing what Happened the Afternoon of May 20 when Called Into Supervisor’s Office and Given the Ultimatum

State lawmakers ask for federal probe of foreclosure fraud fighters ouster by Kim Miller Two Florida … [Read more...]

Daily Business Review | Attorneys’ Ouster from Bondi’s Office Called Political (MUST READ)

June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards Photo by Melanie Bell Attorneys’ ouster from AG’s … [Read more...]

Rep. Darren Soto Requests Records Pertaining to Ouster of Bondi’s Former Foreclosure Investigators

I am just going to go out on a limb here and predict that we are at the very beginning of this … [Read more...]

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