July 21, 2017

Pelosi: The spirits of dead suffragettes visited me at the White House or something

"I could hear them say: 'At last we have a seat at the table.' And then they were gone." Deep … [Read more...]

GAI Report | Justice Inaction: The Department of Justice’s Unprecedented Failure to Prosecute Big Finance

Full report below… ~ 4closureFraud.org ~ Justice Inaction: The Department of Justice’s … [Read more...]

FAIL | PB Post – Two Years After Foreclosure Probe Launched, Bondi’s Investigation Winds Down

“Despite hundreds of foreclosure-related complaints against attorneys, not a single Florida … [Read more...]

Pelosi: Republican Jews are “being exploited”

Yeah, okay. What does that even mean, “exploited”? It’s a pet peeve of mine how … [Read more...]

Pelosi: ObamaCare’s not a tax, it’s a ta-penalty

"Well, who is the ta -- who is the penalty on?" Democrats had a little trouble with their messaging … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Judgment. One last burst of obsessive Court analysis this morning before the media gets back to the … [Read more...]

Pelosi on the ObamaCare ruling: “Total victory”

"Well, for the American people and America's families." I figured we’d wind down D-Day with a … [Read more...]

Pelosi: ObamaCare is a right, not a privilege

Here we go. Of course it is. All progressive policy preferences are, you know. Remember, once … [Read more...]

Video: We’re in a recession and should extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich, says … Bill Clinton

Slick. Via Mediaite. In case you’re keeping score, here’s where the Democratic brain … [Read more...]

Obama wants to avoid the sequester?

Balance. In [Thursday's] White House press briefing, Jay Carney was asked about House Minority … [Read more...]

Noted constitutional scholar Nancy Pelosi: I know that ObamaCare will be upheld

“I know the Constitution. This bill is ironclad. It is ironclad.” I’m not knocking her for … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Debt. What hath the “hoagie summit” wrought? A Sunday morning full of debt chatter, … [Read more...]

Poll: 51% approve of Obama’s gay marriage “evolution” — but 23% now less likely to vote for him

Trouble. Fascinating numbers which I think bear out one of my points in this post last night about … [Read more...]

Former CIA counterterror chief: Pelosi was briefed in 2002 about waterboarding and didn’t object

Hmmmm. Ah, I remember spending a solid month on this story back in spring 2009 when Obama and Cheney … [Read more...]

The unserious nature of Washington, Exhibit A: The student loan debate

Distractions. Over the last week, President Obama made a series of speeches at colleges around the … [Read more...]

Angry Boehner to Dems: Enough with the “war on women” crap already

"Several Democrats, all women, walked out in protest of the speaker’s comments." The exciting … [Read more...]

Pelosi on ObamaCare: “We wrote our bill in a way that was constitutional”

"This game is not over." How would she know? Her party’s all but given up on enumerated … [Read more...]

Pelosi: Because 90% of Catholic women use contraception, we have to mandate that Catholic orgs buy it

Statist logic. Let’s see if we can follow Nancy Pelosi’s logic in this statement. … [Read more...]

Pelosi: Yes, of course, the Catholic Church should be forced to cover contraception — even if it’s self-insured

"Compromise." Remember, the “compromise” is that insurance companies will foot the bill … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Discomfort. “It was no secret inside the West Wing that Bill Daley, a Catholic with deep … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

"Choice." “[O]ne source close to the organization’s leadership says a shake-up may be … [Read more...]

Pelosi on contraception insurance mandate: I am going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the administration on this

Wait -- what? When the administration announced earlier this month that it would stick to its … [Read more...]

Jim Moran: Allen West isn’t representative of African-Americans

"Mr. West is ... not representative of the African-American community or of the Republican … [Read more...]

Gingrich to Pelosi: “Spit it out!”

"Very strange fantasies and very strange understandings of reality." Does Nancy Pelosi have the … [Read more...]

Pelosi: I know something about Gingrich that ensures he’ll never be president

Hmmmmm. Via Greg Hengler. You make the call: An ominous warning that John Sununu was right to fear … [Read more...]

Pelosi: Actually, we don’t have much of a connection to Occupy Wall Street

Hmmmm. Via Fox Nation, is this Pelosi seizing an opportunity to inch away from a fading … [Read more...]

Pelosi: I’m darned proud of Obama for making these illegal recess appointments

"We’re glad that the president took the lead, went out there, was bold and made the … [Read more...]

Pelosi’s economic “experts” included son’s boss and her business partner in 2010

Disclosure. Last week, Nancy Pelosi insisted that extending unemployment benefits would, er, save or … [Read more...]

Pelosi: Extending jobless benefits will “make a difference of 600,000 jobs”

Compared to ObamaCare, that's a bargain! Via CNS News and our friend and Townhall colleague Greg … [Read more...]

Romney hits Gingrich on Pelosi love seat appearance in new ad

But what about Mitt's record? I guess Mitt Romney isn’t going to agree to Newt … [Read more...]

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