August 18, 2017

National Mortgage Servicing Settlement Progress Report: Little to Show (And Little Expected)

The official monitor for the mortgage servicing fraud settlement has put out a progress report on … [Read more...]

Hollywood Reporter: MSNBC producer at convention shoves man for heckling Chris Matthews?

Hardball. You need to look at it from their perspective. They’d been pushed to the breaking … [Read more...]

McCaskill 2006 on Bill Clinton: “I don’t want my daughter near him”

Perspective. I forgot all about this but luckily Dana Loesch didn’t. We’ve spent four … [Read more...]

The Interchange Settlement

Moved to top from 8/15.   I've held my tongue for a while on the proposed class settlement in … [Read more...]

Super-Rich Hold Up To $32 Trillion In Offshore Havens: Report

Ladies and gentlemen… $1 trillion dollars… Notice those pallets are double … [Read more...]

Two Weeks in the Life of Mandelman Matters

Lately it has occurred to me that no one really has any idea what I do with my days… and way … [Read more...]

California State Bar Court Lacks Fundamental Knowledge of Loan Modifications

    When it comes to the subject of getting one’s mortgage modified, very few actual … [Read more...]

Will the jobs report hurt Obama all that much?

Perspective. My initial reactions to today’s dismal jobs report mirror those of TNR’s … [Read more...]

The Bully Model of Consumer Finance and Litigation

There's a fearful symmetry in the consumer finance world. It's a symmetry of bullies … [Read more...]

Off Topic, But… A New Lease on Life – Local (FL) Fifth-Grader Who Sustained Critical Brain Injuries (that killed one child) in School Bus Crash is Back (VIDEO)

Put this up to keep things in perspective. Remember, it’s only a house they are taking away … [Read more...]

Trade deficit jumped 14.1% in March

"Unexpectedly"! Looks like Goldman Sachs has the right perspective on first-quarter growth, although … [Read more...]

The Ricks, Rockys, and Rudys: Stories from the 2012 Trail

All things are possible. Note: Elizabeth Santorum has joined our Green Room team as an occasional … [Read more...]

The GSA, federal junkets and perspective

Waste, fraud, and abuse. Over the last two weeks, the importance of a $820,000 junket put on by the … [Read more...]

Romney: This election is about jobs, not about Obama eating dogs

Perspective. C’mon. It’s a little bit about Obama eating dogs. The data doesn’t … [Read more...]

Greta van Susteren defends “my friend” Hilary Rosen Update: Rosen apologizes

Of the perils of new media. You’ve already read Ed’s take, my take and Erika’s … [Read more...]

Rick Santorum’s daughter Bella in the hospital again

A reminder of what really matters. Some news just snaps all other news into perspective. The … [Read more...]

Rick Santorum’s daughter Bella in the hospital again

A reminder of what really matters. Some news just snaps all other news into perspective. The … [Read more...]

WaPo on Jane Fonda: It’s just acting, folks

If you say so ... Ordinarily, I’d be thrilled with someone letting a little air out of an … [Read more...]

Putting the “Etch a Sketch” episode in perspective

The whole world wasn't watching. Gotta love polls like this one that put politicos in their place. … [Read more...]

Poll: 56% of U.S. adults support Obama’s apology for the Koran-burning

Sorry. Good news for O, with even a sizable minority of Republicans — 37 percent — … [Read more...]

The Ed Morrissey Show: Adam Baldwin, Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson & Week in Review

Remembering Andrew, 3 pm ET, 90 minutes. Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), we start with a … [Read more...]

Obama campaign now fundraising off of high gas prices by blaming … the Koch brothers

Demagogue. Nothing new here. Remember, O’s very first campaign ad of the year was also aimed … [Read more...]

Video: A personal apology to the president of Afghanistan

Perspective. Via Gateway Pundit. You’re going to watch this and a question is going to occur … [Read more...]

Karen Santorum: My husband’s presidential run is “God’s Will”

Perspective. When Piers Morgan interviewed the Rick Santorum family in late January, Karen … [Read more...]

Raleigh Homeowner Sues Mortgage Companies for Stealing His House (VIDEO)

~ Tweet Related posts: The Market Ticker – House Stealing: Tickerguy’s … [Read more...]

Cain to make major announcement about campaign tomorrow

Last stop. No word yet on what the announcement will be, but he’s down to 0.5 percent on … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: Perry’s favorable rating now at … 25/61

Not a typo. Nice big sample of 1,000 likely voters. To put this in perspective, Palin’s … [Read more...]

The World of the Investor with Attorney Talcott Franklin – A Mandelman Matters Podcast


Chris Christie: OWS and the tea party come from the same perspective but want different solutions

"What they are saying is that 'Government is not working for me anymore.'" Via the Examiner. Philip … [Read more...]

Solyndra pressured Bush WH for approval in January 2009

And didn't get it. The national media seems to be taking a greater interest in the Solyndra scandal … [Read more...]

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