July 24, 2017

What’s wrong with your loan? Jay Patterson on a Mandelman Matters Podcast

  Certified Fraud Examiner and forensic accounting epert, Jay Patterson, a member of the … [Read more...]

FRONT LINE NEWS, A Mandelman Matters Podcast – December 23, 2011

FIRST UP… A favorable ruling from Florida’s Supreme Court in the Pino Case… what … [Read more...]

A Foot Soldier in the Foreclosure Wars – Matt Weidner, A Mandelman Matters Podcast

Florida foreclosure defense attorney and controversial blogger, Matt Weidner is in the trenches … [Read more...]

Consumer Spending Up? Come on get happy…

Wow, when it comes to our economy, what a difference a month or so makes, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Mandelman Take 2!

It’s Mandelman on The Real Estate Guys Radio Show… Again! Yes, it’s true!  The … [Read more...]

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