August 22, 2017

Bad news: Jon Stewart not exactly buying the executive-privilege claim

Playing games. Via Katie Pavlich, that’s not the only bad news here for Eric Holder and Barack … [Read more...]

Will: The party that produced four Bush nominations in 20 years is hardly “extreme”

Playing games. Let’s play a game that we used to play in school, and lay out a series of data … [Read more...]

Huge TILA Rescission Victory in Oregon

A homeowner who retained our services to investigate his mortgage loan just recently scored a major … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Occupations. “‘We have had twelve meetings,’ one member said last night during a … [Read more...]

Ed Schultz: Rick Perry’s reference to a “big black cloud” was a racial crack at Obama, wasn’t it?

Nuance. Via Larry O’Connor at Breitbart TV. As shameless as this is, it’s not the worst … [Read more...]

Fraudclosure Fallout- Bank Stocks Will Tumble

Today and for the foreseeable future, I believe you’re going to see the stock prices for banks … [Read more...]

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