July 24, 2017

Major General: Why Are Domestic Government Agencies Purchashing Enough Lethal Ammunition to Put 5 Rounds In Every American?

Why Aren’t Our Armed Forces Good Enough to Protect Us? Preface: There might be an innocent … [Read more...]

Stunning Crimes of the Big Banks: Worse than Your Wildest Imagination

Preface: Not all banks are criminal enterprises. The wrongdoing of a particular bank cannot be … [Read more...]

WWJD? | What Would Jesus Do with Bankers?

Anthony Freda/Daniel Zollinger What Would Jesus – Or the Rabbis of Old – Do? Preface: If you are an … [Read more...]

Bill Kristol: The GOP would be better off if Ron Paul left

Hmmm. Compare this to what Jim DeMint said about Paul last week and you’ll see what sort of … [Read more...]

Former SEIU president just gaga over China’s economic model

"...exactly what is missing in America." This is one of those articles which I need to preface with … [Read more...]

THEY ONCE WERE LENDERS – Understanding government’s failure to stop bankers OR scammers from destroying homeowners.

Preface… Sit down and relax… you’re going to need a comfortable chair.  But, I promise … [Read more...]

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