July 27, 2017

Fraudclosure | Banks (AKA Criminal Enterprises) Face Foreclosure Regulation by States

Banks Face Foreclosure Regulation by States States across the country are proposing a range of new … [Read more...]

Ramirez on “journalism”

Edits. It’s been a bad month for traditional media, eh?  At least it has at NBC.  Brian … [Read more...]

Obama’s message to Netroots Nation: Change is hard

Yeah, and banalities are easy. This weekend in Providence, Rhode Island, progressives held their … [Read more...]

Palin to headline Right Online

I'll be there as well. The Right Online conference won’t have Andrew Breitbart’s … [Read more...]

PPP: Arizona not really going to be a swing state after all

"A little bit less intriguing..." No one really thought Barack Obama had a chance in Arizona, did … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

It's come to this. Easy choice this week. Do you want to watch Joe Lieberman spin the trophy photos … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich’s Secret Service is costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a day?

"Just another example of Newt's arrogance and self-importance." Newt Gingrich said he’d be in … [Read more...]

Homeowner Rights to Discovery in Foreclosure Cases

This is a great post by attorney Mark Stopa of St. Petersburg, Florida. Discovery and Rules of … [Read more...]

Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act | Protesters Picket Passidomo’s Foreclosure Bill HB 213

“They say, ‘You’re taking away our constitutional right,’” she said. “First of all it’s a … [Read more...]

Gingrich to Santorum: Get lost

Santorum to Gingrich: You first. Yesterday it was the Gingrich campaign that began complaining … [Read more...]

Romney wavering on Florida debates?

Just when things are getting interesting ... And here we thought the big question on debate … [Read more...]

Obama coattails turning into albatrosses?

“Everyone is going to have to ‘go native.’” Democrats will have a very difficult time in 2012 … [Read more...]

Olive Garden: Presence of the American flag disrupts the dining experience

Noodle-brained. Confession: I’m writing this solely to prove to myself that I don’t let … [Read more...]

Cain to command a front-and-center seat at tonight’s debate

No non-economics issues allowed. Remember the Fox News debate in Orlando three weeks ago? Rick Perry … [Read more...]

We are the 1%

Blame game The Occupy Wall Street protests have, at least to some degree, begun to metastasize in … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama chums it up with Gloria Steinem

Plus, DWS! Michelle Obama is not to be outdone by her husband. Last night in New York City, the … [Read more...]

BOMBSHELL- Video Deposition of National Title Clearing’s Bryan Bly

Another Bombshell Deposition from the Foreclosure Warriors at The Forrest Law Firm.  Today’s … [Read more...]

Angels From Deep Inside The Evil Foreclosure Mills

I want to reach out to all of those unseen and unsung heroes and angels who got stuck within and … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Mill Commits Error, But Summary Judgment Granted Anyway

It’s hard for some attorneys (those who still believe in the integrity of our courts and the … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Policy Now Admits Loan Not Secured

29248253-Mers-May-Not-Foreclosure-for-Fannie-Mae Editor’s Note: Their intention was to get … [Read more...]

Identity Theft as a Cause of Action

From Beth Findsen, Attorney in Scottsdale, AZ, she comments that ID Theft may just be the heart of … [Read more...]

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