July 20, 2017

Bank Sends Foreclosure Notice to Woman Who Made $70K in Payments for House She Didn’t Own

Scranton woman suing bank, lawyer for not filing proper paperwork after home sale For more than … [Read more...]

Brookline Man Fighting to Save the Home He Built From Bank of America

Brookline man fighting to save the home he built from foreclosure mix-up BROOKLINE – Ray Lavoie is a … [Read more...]

Tampa mayor: This tropical storm could force us to call off the GOP convention

Stormy. Potential proof that, if God exists, he’s a Democrat. A double whammy for a … [Read more...]

Proof Positive that Government’s “Homeowner Relief” Programs Are Disguised Bank Bailouts… Not Even AIMED at Helping Homeowners

Government Was Just Trying to “Foam the Runway” to Help Giant Banks We pointed out last year: … [Read more...]

Stunning Crimes of the Big Banks: Worse than Your Wildest Imagination

Preface: Not all banks are criminal enterprises. The wrongdoing of a particular bank cannot be … [Read more...]

Palin, DeMint to rally for Ted Cruz in Houston on Friday

Tea time. In case you need more proof that Cruz has a very real chance of pulling this upset, … [Read more...]

The No. 33, and the surprisingly bipartisan art of repeal

Killing zombies. Today marks the 33rd vote the Republican-led Congress has taken to repeal all or … [Read more...]

Chase? Hello? Mr. Dimon? Are You Really Going to Do This to a Single Mom in this Situation?

    Life on this planet can be absolutely wonderful.  And right across the street it can seem to be … [Read more...]

SENATE, No. 1566 | New Jersey Passes Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act to Reuse Vacant Foreclosures

New Jersey Passes Bill to Reuse Vacant Foreclosures The New Jersey state Senate narrowly passed a … [Read more...]

VICTORY | Citibank Cancels Foreclosure Auction of Minneapolis Mom’s Home; Commits to Loan Modification With Reduced Payments

Citibank Cancels Foreclosure Auction of Minneapolis Mom’s Home; Commits to Loan Modification With … [Read more...]

Video: Jay Carney tries, fails to explain the difference between Bain Capital and Obama’s “green loans” program

Nuance. Via Jim Treacher, 51 agonizing seconds of Carney trying to explain on the fly why Solyndra … [Read more...]

NYT: Obama personally overseeing U.S. intel’s Al Qaeda “kill list”

The decider. A dynamite piece, well worth 10 minutes of your time. In fact, there’s no better … [Read more...]

Surprise: Unions set to rally behind Obama this fall

Once bitten, never shy. He enjoyed a a filibuster-proof majority in Congress in 2009 and yet failed … [Read more...]

Colorado Initiative 84 | Banking Groups Challenge Initiative that Would Require Lenders to Prove their Right to Foreclose

Banking groups challenge Colorado right-to-foreclose ballot initiative Two of Colorado’s … [Read more...]

Democrats caving on Keystone?

And maybe on ObamaCare, too. Republicans have held two important votes on the Keystone XL pipeline … [Read more...]

Obama: Romney is just “pretending” his health care plan was different than mine

Pretty much. Just as conservatives have always warned, if the GOP nominates Mitt Romney for … [Read more...]

Specter 2006: Hey, if not for Rick Santorum, I wouldn’t have been reelected

Terrific. In which BuzzFeed tosses an extra shovelful of dirt on a man who’s already being … [Read more...]

Exclusive Smoking Gun | The Sophisticated and The Scammed IV – It Appears We Now Have PROOF That Mortgage Loans Were Pledged to Multiple Trusts

Good thing our .gov settled with the CRIMINALS or else someone might be in real trouble here… … [Read more...]

National Journal: Romney’s challenge is to not “win himself to death”

Voters want proof of Romney's humanity. When Mitt Romney woke up this morning after two primary wins … [Read more...]

Mark Stopa | Banks Steal Homes, and I have PROOF

Banks Steal Homes, and I have PROOF The name “Danielle Sterling” may not mean much to you. Frankly, … [Read more...]

How About Them Fraudsters? Former Cowboy Lockhart Faces 10 Years After Mortgage Fraud Conviction

How About Them Fraudsters? Former Cowboy Lockhart Faces 10 Years After Mortgage Fraud Conviction … [Read more...]

Romney’s campaign down to $7.7 million cash on hand

Plus: Romney doubles down on Trump. Proof that he’s sputtering or much ado about nothing given … [Read more...]

10th Circuit Appeal | In re: MARK STANLEY MILLER “Deutsche Bank presented evidence that IndyMac had indorsed the Note in blank. Is proof of this indorsement sufficient. As we shall see, it is not”

In re: MARK STANLEY MILLER, also known as A Moment to Remember Photo & Video, also known as … [Read more...]

Forced Placed Insurance | Elderly Couple Facing Foreclosure Claims JPMorgan Took Payments for Principal and Interest and Applied it Toward Insurance

Baird couple facing foreclosure claims house payments wrongly uncredited to mortage loan It’s … [Read more...]



Ellen Brown | Occupy the Neighborhood: How Counties Can Use Land Banks and Eminent Domain

Relief for Counties: Land Banks and Eminent Domain The legal tide is turning against MERS and the … [Read more...]

Arizona | M & I vs. Mueller – Appellate Ruling Says Actual Occupancy of Home is Not Necessary, Bars Lenderr from Pursuing Deficiency Judgement

Court: Statute also protects would-be owner Appellate ruling says actual occupancy of home is not … [Read more...]

Action Alert | Washington SB6199 Makes it a Felony to Claim Actual Holder Status of a Promissory Note When Not

Heh, Lookie Here (Felony For False Swearing) Well what do we have here! 23 (ii) A declaration by the … [Read more...]

David Axelrod on Jeremiah Wright: He was the victim of selective editing

Spinmeister. As proof of his spin prowess, campaign crafter extraordinaire David Axelrod yesterday … [Read more...]

Bank of America Forecloses on Innocent Homeowners Years AFTER the House Was Sold (VIDEO)

~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet Related posts: Despite Arizona Military Vet’s Proof of Loan Pay-Off, … [Read more...]

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