August 20, 2017

Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act HB 213 | Protesters Rally Against Foreclosure Bill

Protesters rally against foreclosure bill Unemployed Sarasota construction worker Woody Ryan has … [Read more...]

Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewers

Do you have what it takes to be a Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewer Level 2?  An intrepid … [Read more...]

Fannie Responds to Hawaii’s New Foreclosure Law – Says… WE’RE OUT!

If you’ve been following the goings on in Hawaii as related to SB 651, the state’s new … [Read more...]

How Can David Stern’s Office Just Ignore The Florida Supreme Court?

One of the most frustrating things I find in the current foreclosure crisis is watching the big … [Read more...]

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