August 20, 2017

Force Placed Insurance | Couple Face Off with Bank of America Over Mortgage

“For nearly two years, the Bergquists say, they’ve been trying to win back control of their … [Read more...]

Forced Placed Insurance of $18,000 a Year | Wells Fargo and Insurer Gouged Me – and Others – Florida Suit Says

Lender and insurer gouged me — and others — Florida homeowner says Think your homeowners insurance … [Read more...]

NY Times | Forced Placed Insurance ONE of the Richest and Most Secretive Sources of Profit

“There is a lot to love about force-placed insurance — if you sell it. The policies typically … [Read more...]

Forced Placed Insurance | Big Banks Face Inquiry Over Home Insurance

Big Banks Face Inquiry Over Home Insurance A New York State financial services agency is … [Read more...]

Your Property Insurance vs. Current Appraisal

A reader asked about a post I had written a long time ago about property insurance. Her question … [Read more...]

Tax Impact of Principal Reduction

With the Obama administration and private lenders actively considering … [Read more...]

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