August 17, 2017

PSA: Is your computer going to go dark tomorrow?

Mayan DNS apocalypse. Protect yourself now. Given the general nature of our readers, I’m going … [Read more...]

Securitization Fail-Litigation Update

The wheels of litigation move slowly, but there are a couple of recent securitization fail … [Read more...]

Lee Camp | Congress Working To Overturn Ban On Propaganda (VIDEO)

In today’s Moment of Clarity I tell you that you aren’t smart enough. I know you think … [Read more...]

Hawaii Court rules: No valid assignment means Deutsche has no standing to foreclose

Last week, Hawaii homeowners at risk of foreclosure had reason to be pleased.  Not ecstatic… not … [Read more...]

Hawaii Court rules: No valid assignment means Deutsche has no standing to foreclose

Last week, Hawaii homeowners at risk of foreclosure had reason to be pleased.  Not ecstatic… not … [Read more...]

New PSA: You should feel very, very badly about your obese child, you know

Guilt. Via Breitbart TV, the controversy du jour. When I first watched the clip, I thought their … [Read more...]

Video: The greatest PSA ever?

O captain, my captain. Via Verum Serum, so riveting is this that I think it ends up having the … [Read more...]

From Bevilacqua to Fontenot, It’s Coast-to-Coast Confusion

Well, I’d have to say that the foreclosure crisis jumped the shark today, for me anyway.  This … [Read more...]

Upcoming Max Gardner Seminar: UCC’s Impact on Securitization and Foreclosure Defense

Attention Foreclosure Defense Attorneys… It’s time to take it up a notch or … [Read more...]

KABOOOOM | Plaintiff’s Petition – American Home Mortgage Servicing vs Lender Processing Services (LPS)

Looks like AHSMI just opened Pandora’s box. From Naked Capitalism… The lawsuit rather … [Read more...]

Standing to Invoke PSAs as a Foreclosure Defense

A major issue arising in foreclosure defense cases is the homeowner's ability to challenge the … [Read more...]

Lawyers, foreclosure fatigue and the dreaded FREE HOUSE

Just a few years ago, representing homeowners at risk of foreclosure was a tiny niche in the … [Read more...]

No Friend to the Banksters… Attorney Nick Wooten – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

If I have to introduce Alabama foreclosure defense attorney Nick Wooten to you, then you’re … [Read more...]

Naked Capitalism- Breaking Down PSAs to Defeat Foreclosure

Yves Smith does an excellent job of breaking down an important loss that the foreclosure defense … [Read more...]

Critical Information: How to Find Your Home’s Pooling And Servicing Agreement

The pooling and servicing agreement (PSA) is a contract that should govern the terms under which … [Read more...]

Bankers Apoplectic Over Arizona’s Republican Dominated Senate Passing Chain of Title Bill, 28-2

Frankly, I don’t know where to begin. There’s just so much to say. It’s like a cornucopia of… well, … [Read more...]

Max Gardner’s Top Reasons for Wanting a Pooling Servicing Agreement

EDITOR’S NOTE: Lest people think I invented this whole field of law just because I’m … [Read more...]

Strategies Compared by Nilson

August 20, 2010 by Barry Nilson: Sometimes when trying to understand an issue, I make a chart of … [Read more...]

South Florida Attorneys Addition

Posted by Ann Editor’s Note: These go up either because someone else posts them or I run … [Read more...]

Securitization Search: Why You Need the PSA

Quoted from April Charney — I’m not sure of the source. She is right on every point.PSA= … [Read more...]

“special servicing” fees

FROM A READER IN COLORADO ANSWERING “ANONYMOUS” You raise a good point as to the … [Read more...]


By Collete McDonald Editor’s Note: Ms. McDonald hits the nail on the head with this article. … [Read more...]

Deutsch Bank: Peeling back the layers

submitted by Raja 2010/06/15 at 7:30 am Investor /Trustee on MERS Record Please use this small … [Read more...]

The Importance of Finding Your Securitization Documents

See special-offer-on-getting-securitization-report-on-your-mortgages Jake is a former player in the … [Read more...]

Allocation of Third Party Payments and Loans to Specific Loan Accounts


California Reconveyance is suspect for many reasons

That NOTICE OF DEFAULT is probably not what it appears. It is probably an unauthorized document … [Read more...]

Repossession hell: 5 extremely wrongful foreclosures

Editor’s Note: The primary reason for foreclosing on the wrong house is that the wrong party … [Read more...]

Bank of America loses in Federal Ruling – Judge says investors own the loans

The report of the ruling below by this Federal Judge has several implications: Mortgage … [Read more...]

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