August 21, 2017

National Mortgage Servicing Settlement Progress Report: Little to Show (And Little Expected)

The official monitor for the mortgage servicing fraud settlement has put out a progress report on … [Read more...]

Analyst: Expect tomorrow’s net jobs gain to be … 54,000

"The probability of an acceleration of that down move is high over the next two quarters." Really?  … [Read more...]

Power Line turns 10

Friendships and debts. This past week, we celebrated the tenth birthday of our granddaughter, the … [Read more...]

Video: “Culture of corner-cutting” led to “biggest scandal in Secret Service history”; Update: Five armed service members confined to quarters, too

Why didn't Director get fired after White House party-crashing fiasco? Did the Secret Service … [Read more...]

New Obama housing strategy: Flip This Bailout?

The Dukes of Moral Hazard. It seems that the White House has tried everything they can to keep … [Read more...]

THIS FRIDAY, Nov 4th: WPB & Sarasota Lunch & Learn Events for Foreclosure Defense Attorneys, Concerned Citizens

These working lunches serve as an opportunity to exchange information, network, share pleadings … [Read more...]

Americans Got Hammered by The Bank of America Settlment

How would you like a 39% principle reduction on that faulty Countrywide loan that you’re … [Read more...]

The FDIC Is In Trouble

As we all know, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) guarantees depositors that they’ll … [Read more...]

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