September 20, 2017

Closed Courtrooms | DBR Rant on Akerman Senterfitt, HSBC v ABBY G. LOPEZ Case RE Purging File

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player Pacenti’s rant: Closed Courtrooms … [Read more...]

Penn Jillette: Would Obama be president if he had been busted years ago under laws he now condones for doing drugs?

"States' rights don't mean jack sh*t to the Obama administration on anything except gay … [Read more...]

Video: Get off of Jonah Goldberg’s lawn, you darned kids

The dangers of youth culture. I love a curmudgeonly rant, and so this interview of National … [Read more...]

Video: Bold new critic of Obama’s class warfare nonsense keeps up the pressure

“He’s creating class warfare in a country with no class structure.” Via Newsbusters. The bad news? … [Read more...]

Gingrich: Romney’s lying about my ethics case

"It was legal, after all." Reports from the campaign trail today indicate that Newt Gingrich is … [Read more...]

Adam Carolla’s R-rated — but right-on — rant

What ever happened to being happy for others? In case you missed it on Glenn Beck radio, comedic … [Read more...]

Matthews on why Republicans haven’t settled on a candidate yet: “Hate”

"Their brains, wracked as they are by hatred -- they lack the 'like' mode." Via News Busters, we … [Read more...]

Video: Borderline insane — or totally facetious — meltdown from OWS protester

Crazy. Really not sure what to make of this. I have a hard time believing this kid is serious … [Read more...]

Dylan Ratigan | America’s Mad as Hell Moment

America’s Mad as Hell Moment I’m mad as hell.  And according to the piles and piles of … [Read more...]

Video: They’re still not listening to Rick Santelli

"Money doesn't move around in ways that are unfair." Want to see a microcosm of everything … [Read more...]

AMERICA LOST: Treasury’s meetings with bloggers tells a story that I didn’t want to hear.

I talk to a lot of homeowners from all over the country every single day, and it’s been like that … [Read more...]

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