July 20, 2017

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny’s (VIDEO)

From the ONION… (SATIRE) Obama will abandon complex policies on emissions, clean coal and … [Read more...]

Bloomberg | Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Drop Unexpectedly

Home Sales to Factories Point to Second-Half Weakness: Economy Sales of existing U.S. homes … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae Freddie Mac to Sell Foreclosed Homes in Bulk to Hedge Funds

Word on the street is you have to have a net worth of $10,000,000 just to get in the game… You … [Read more...]

CAR- California Assn. of Realtors Tries to Kill Homeowners Bill of Rights

  You know, I wasn’t going to say anything about the role of Realtors here, but now that the … [Read more...]

Arizona Foreclosure News – More like a motivational pep talk for Realtors

Arizonans interested in the foreclosure process got some housing market news this week that seemed … [Read more...]

Mississippi Woman Was Sold Wrong Foreclosed House (VIDEO)

~ 4closureFraud.org TweetRelated posts: Bank of America Forecloses on Innocent Homeowners Years … [Read more...]

Deutsche Bank Offers U.S. Plans for Renting Fraudclosed Homes

Deutsche Bank Offers U.S. Plans for Renting Foreclosed Homes Fortress Investment Group LLC (FIG) and … [Read more...]

#AGOs TWEET | AG Coakley to hold press conference at 1pm regarding a major lawsuit against 5 national banks

More to come as I get it… ~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet Related posts:Foreclosure Fraud | … [Read more...]

Rats Replace Homeowners In Foreclosed Homes

~ 4closureFraud.org Tweet Related posts:NPR | As Number Of Foreclosed Homes Grows, So Does Mold … [Read more...]

No Money? No Problem! | HUD Offers REO Homes for $100 Down in Select States Using Non Recourse Leverage

From ZeroHedge… ~ Got A Hundred Bucks? Buy A Home (Or Virtually Anything Else) Using 2,000x … [Read more...]

Sucker Alert | Senators Draft Bill to Give Visas to Foreigners Buying Pricey Homes, Fraudclosures

“Backers believe the initiative would help soak up an excess supply of inventory when many … [Read more...]

Public Health Alert | Fraudclosures and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

“Real estate agents always tell potential buyers worried about mold that what’s in a house is … [Read more...]

AZ Rep. Seel Drops Amendment Requiring Pre-Foreclosure Chain of Title, 2 Days After Servicer Grants Principal Reduction

Remember Arizona’s Senate Bill 1259 that would have required servicers to produce a declaration that … [Read more...]

Sen. Whitehouse Questions Expose a Kinder, Gentler and possibly more Frightened Tim Geithner

During a Senate Budget Committee meeting, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island went straight … [Read more...]


The banks and institutions that now run this country are running abs0lutely wild and out of … [Read more...]

Mortgages Over $1 Million Now Defaulting at TWICE the National Average

Like I’ve been saying for over a year now… the water is rising.  Do you feel it?  It’s tickling your … [Read more...]

New mortgage rules stifle housing market

For many, selling a home nowadays is tough enough. But recent changes in mortgage laws are … [Read more...]

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