July 23, 2017

Videos: Romney on the attack after Obama’s “You didn’t build that” remark

"The President's remark was both startling and revealing." Mitt Romney delivered an impressive … [Read more...]

Jay Carney: People don’t like ObamaCare because of all the money that was spent attacking it

Spin. Via the Examiner, which has a handy rebuttal ready: Just scroll through the polling at … [Read more...]

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Furious. It took months of document demands plus a contempt charge for the Attorney General to put … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: Majority of likely voters pessimistic on economy

Does Team O need an "intervention"? How’s that private sector going again?  Nine days ago, … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: Majority of likely voters adults pessimistic on economy

Does Team O need an "intervention"? How’s that private sector going again?  Nine days ago, … [Read more...]

FTC Shuts Down Forensic Audit Scam that claims: 95% of mortgages may be legally unenforceable. (Where have I heard that before?)

      Just a few days ago, the FTC sent out the press release shown in its entirety … [Read more...]

MarketWatch rebuttal infographic: How to make Obama’s spending look small

Fact check. It’s been going around Facebook and the Twitters. It’s been rated … [Read more...]

New SarahPAC video: “Game Change We Can Believe In”

Rebuttal. A nifty video snapshot of Palinmania circa September 2008, when McCain finally gave … [Read more...]

Mic Check! Occupy Wall Street Offers a Rebuttal to State of the Union #OWS

  Mic check! Occupy Wall Street offers a rebuttal to State of the Union Everybody’s got a … [Read more...]

Open thread: Hey, who’s up for an hour-long lecture on “fairness”? Update: Full text added; Update: Text of Daniels’s rebuttal added

Terrific. 9 p.m. ET all across the dial. I promise you this: No matter how bad you think this will … [Read more...]

New Republican Governors Association video: Second look at Mitch Daniels?

Oh my. Via Daniel Halper at the Standard, where Bill Kristol’s umpteen-thousandth plea for … [Read more...]

Yoo vs Tribe on recess appointments

The limits of presidential power Over at National Review, John Yoo (who you will likely remember … [Read more...]

New Cain super-PAC ad: “High-tech lynching”

Inevitable. All this week, the Cain campaign and his supporters have linked his travails to Clarence … [Read more...]

Video: GOP underplaying opposition to Porkulus II?

Plus, WaPo also gets deja vu from Porkulus II: Economic Boogaloo. The Republican Party declined to … [Read more...]

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