August 21, 2017

Fun on a slow news day — debunking liberal memes

Extremely ... mainstream. With Congress in recess, things are kind of slow this week. So when I ran … [Read more...]

Thankfully, FHFA & Banks Killed Homeowner Bill of Rights

I am officially proclaiming the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights in California to be DOA – … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Going rogue. “Article I, Section 5, of the Constitution states that neither house of Congress … [Read more...]

CBC brushes Allen West’s threat to reconsider his membership aside

Too busy to bother. Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) is in no hurry to … [Read more...]

Video: Where are the jobs?

Pull a pivot and take the poll! Republicans plan to keep the pressure on Barack Obama during the … [Read more...]


Re-posted from last year by special request, and because it’s Fathers’ Day! I’m a … [Read more...]

False recovery?

Doesn’t anyone see that if “financial services” accounts for 40% of our GDP that … [Read more...]

Lawmakers Rethink Town Halls

The health-care debate was supposed to play out at rallies and inside gymnasiums when lawmakers … [Read more...]

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