July 26, 2017

Bank of America Drops Case Against TN Bankruptcy Trustee, Henry “Hank” Hildebrand; Agrees to Pay Attorney Fees, Apologized

Bank of America Drops Case Against TN trustee; Agrees to Pay Attorney Fees Charlotte, N.C.-based … [Read more...]

The Aftermath of the Housing Bubble | James Bullard President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank, St. Louis

The Aftermath of the Housing Bubble Key takeaways from the presentation: Slide 23: U.S. homeowners … [Read more...]

FL 3rd DCA Bank of New York Trust v Rodgers | Ex Parte Motions to Substitute Party Plaintiff

“This was a foreclosure case that advanced to trial. The presiding judge thought the bank … [Read more...]

Huge TILA Rescission Victory in Oregon

A homeowner who retained our services to investigate his mortgage loan just recently scored a major … [Read more...]


The model concluded that roughly one-third of the loans were for amounts that were 105 percent or … [Read more...]

New Workshop on Motion Practice and Discovery

why-you-should-attend-the-discovery-and-motion-practice-workshop VISIT LIVINGLIES STORE FOR FREE … [Read more...]

TILA Statute of Limitations — No Limit

Editor’s Note: Judges are quick to jump on the TILA Statute of Limitations by imposing the one … [Read more...]

TILA Rescission Revived Without Tender

Max Gardner’s Protoge Achieved This result as Reported Max’s Current … [Read more...]

Arming Attorneys with the Ammo to Win

Forensic Mortgage Analysis Workshop Hosted By Brad Keiser Of Foreclosure Defense Group CLICK HERE … [Read more...]

More failure – Obama’s plan to help homeowners is struggling

Lies, lies and more lies. I mean, this now the new norm. Can anyone in this administration actually … [Read more...]

Mortgage Hardship: Solutions to Avoid Foreclosure

Here's a link to my similar article at EZinesArticles.com: … [Read more...]

HOEPA Loans and TILA Mortgage Rescission

HOEPA Stands for the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act HOEPA is an amendment to TILA that … [Read more...]

TILA Mortgage Rescission – How to Stop a Foreclosure

If you want to know HOW to STOP a Foreclosure, a Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Mortgage Rescission is … [Read more...]

UPDATED! – TILA Rescission Case – Bankruptcy Judge Finds in Favor of Borrower

Below is my original post from January 2009. This case was just upheld in July 2009 so this is … [Read more...]

Loan Rescission and TILA Violations

I recently started a blog post about TILA Violations and what these violations can mean for the … [Read more...]

And the Truth (in Lending) Shall Set You Free

In the midst of the mortgage meltdown, I’m searching for every tool that might provide a lever to … [Read more...]

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