August 22, 2017

Reverse Mortgage | Wells Fargo Moves To Boot Widow By Foreclosing On Deceased Hubby (VIDEO)

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Florida Default Law Group Files Foreclosure on 90-Year-Old Woman’s Reverse Mortgage for Code Violation

90-year-old woman facing foreclosure An elderly woman is facing foreclosure in the place she has … [Read more...]

101 Year Old Texana Hollis Booted from Her House of 58 Yrs By HUD

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: I have just read that Texana Hollis has been told she can move back in … [Read more...]

GUEST POST: President Obama, please don’t let them take Grandma’s house!

The Senior Citizen Solution… RMO HAMP By Rick Rogers, JD/MBA Too many of those devastated by the … [Read more...]

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