August 22, 2017

Washington State Attorney General – ReconTrust (BofA) Settles Foreclosure Lawsuit

ReconTrust settles foreclosure lawsuit SEATTLE – The Washington State Attorney General’s … [Read more...]

State of Washington Foreclosure Resource Links

STATE OF WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed Washington State … [Read more...]

Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks at the National Association of Attorneys General Spring Meeting

Please THROW UP before you read. I’d hate to see anyone “go down” gagging on … [Read more...]

Amicus | Washington AG Rob McKenna Sides with Consumers and Homeowners vs. MERS Forclosures

Washington AG Rob McKenna sides with consumers and homeowners vs. MERS forclosures Washington … [Read more...]

Attorney General (Not Pam Bondi) Returns $14K in Campaign Donations from Fraudclosure Firm (NOT LPS) Northwest Trustee Services

McKenna returns $14K from foreclosure trustee firm OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Republican … [Read more...]

Question of the Week | Washington State AG Rob McKenna Explains Why He Supports the AG Settlement (VIDEO)

Rob answers a Question of the Week on the multi-state investigation of loan servicers: … [Read more...]

#AGOs TWEET | AG Coakley to hold press conference at 1pm regarding a major lawsuit against 5 national banks

More to come as I get it… ~ Tweet Related posts:Foreclosure Fraud | … [Read more...]

Correspondence with Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna Staff RE Multistate Fraudclosure Settlement

Please find attached representations by AG’s office that the multi-state settlement cannot … [Read more...]

Exclusive | Citizen Warrior Video of Washington AG Rob McKenna’s Press Conference Aug 5, 2010, Announcing Lawsuit Against Recontrust (BofA) in Washington v Recontrust

Thank you to Citizen Warrior, Karen P, for recording this historic event and for making it happen! … [Read more...]

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