July 23, 2017

Chip Parker | Should we just put an * by our Foreclosure Era?

We cannot bury this crisis in the litter box of history until we recognize how foreclosures have … [Read more...]

Chip Parker | Florida’s Rocket Docket Redux

“This is no longer a fight about foreclosures – this is a fight for the very integrity of our … [Read more...]

Rocket Docket Returns | Florida Foreclosure Courts to Get Money to Speed Cases

Florida foreclosure courts to get money to speed cases Florida’s courts will get a $4 million boost … [Read more...]

Action Alert | Florida Senior Judges to Violate Due Process Rights of Citizens Facing Fraudclosure Return as Early as Next Week!

FORECLOSURE FRAUD BY ROBO-SIGNING RETIRED JUDGES Just when you thought the Florida budget could take … [Read more...]

Anonymous March Of Solidarity February 27, 2012 (VIDEO)

In the light and expansion of the recent Occupy movements, we have witnessed the solidarity between … [Read more...]

Thomas Cox | The Destruction of a Foreclosure Lawyer’s Faith in the Justice System

“If the courts can’t address clear instances of fraud and injustice, how can they protect our … [Read more...]

FL 3rd DCA | Sarhan v. H & H Investors, Inc. – Defect In Stipulation Agreement Left Judge Without Jurisdiction To Summarily Enter Foreclosure Judgment Upon Subsequent Default

Third District Court of Appeal State of Florida, July Term, A.D. 2011 Opinion filed October 19, … [Read more...]

Adam Levitin | Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewers

Maybe the unemployed rocket docket judges could apply? ~ Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File … [Read more...]

Adam Levitin | Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File Reviewers

Maybe the unemployed rocket docket judges could apply? ~ Robosigning 2.0: Mortgage Foreclosure File … [Read more...]

Matt Taibbi/MSNBC on the Lee County Fraudclosure Rocket Docket

Please spread this video far and wide…share it with all your friends and other attorneys.  … [Read more...]

Florida’s Courts Are Gutted- Furloughs Coming Soon

Everyone needs to stop and think about all the millions of dollars that our courts and their staff … [Read more...]

Please Watch 60 Minutes Tonight!

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been a bit quite on the blog of late.  I certainly don’t … [Read more...]

RETRACTION- “FORECLOSURE MILL” Means very good law firm that provides excellent service.

I would like to apologize to all the Foreclosure Mills out there (excuse me, I mean Most Excellent … [Read more...]

The slowdown in foreclosure filings caused by big banks’ paperwork problems spells death for the courts..

A properly funded court system is a requirement of the United States and the Florida Constitution.  … [Read more...]

The Dreaded Star Chambers Were Real…Now They’re Resurrected Here in The US

Many of the attorneys that are out there fighting for homeowners and consumers show the very highest … [Read more...]

Star Chambers, First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill the Lawyers and The Suppression of Free Speech

The Star Chambers were real.  They are a critical force in our nation’s jurisprudence and … [Read more...]

Forget What You Think You Know About Justice…A Scathing Article on Fraudclosure Court

I am so far beyond disturbed anymore.  I was disturbed a year ago after we went to Tallahassee and … [Read more...]

The US Constitution, Foreclosures and Lee County’s Rocket Docket- At a Crossroads

The Constitution of the United States of America protects every American. Black, white, rich, poor, … [Read more...]

Another Week, Another Disturbing Story Out of Lee County

Another big development out of Lee County’s rocket docket – that’s the accelerated … [Read more...]

Ibanez- Mortgages and Pensions, Federalism and Class War

Follow the link below for commentary on some of the meaning behind Ibanez and the larger … [Read more...]

Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud- Part III, More on Mortgage Electronic Registration System

MERS also made it easy to run the foreclosure frauds — banksters could doctor the electronic … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Court From a Homeowner’s Perspective

The sleeping giant that is the American people is waking up.  The correspondence below is the kind … [Read more...]

Jim Kowalski Discusses The Rocket Docket on The Dylan Ratigan Show

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Jim Kowalski has been … [Read more...]

Faulty Foreclosures Blamed on Fla. Courts

Latest Housingwatch.com article on Faulty Foreclosures – read below: Housingwatch.com … [Read more...]

INVESTIGATION: Questions mount about documents used in foreclosures

By: Alan Cohn “TAMPA – The Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court today ordered … [Read more...]

CNN Money on The Foreclosure Rocket Docket

An excellent and balanced report from CNN Money.  I find several comments in the story most … [Read more...]


You really have to hand it to all the national news media sources that are picking up on the … [Read more...]

Where Did Florida Find $9.6 Million to Fund The Fraudclosure Rocket Docket?

As we all know, these are desperate economic times.  The state is laying off teachers, cops, … [Read more...]

South Florida’s Daily Business Review NAILS IT, with exceptional reporting on the Rocket Docket.

Click here for one of the best articles on current issues affecting foreclosure in Florida Rocket … [Read more...]

A Most Disturbing Report Card- Sickening Really

Clearing 65,830 Foreclosure Cases is No Accomplishment I’ve been a vocal and persistent critic … [Read more...]

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