July 23, 2017

Gallup: Stay-at-home moms report more anger, sadness, depression than women who work

Oh my. Good thing “Julia” was a working mom or else we’d probably have to pay for … [Read more...]

Oh my: 58% of Republicans want more candidates to choose from

Sadness. None of the above. The survey finds that 58 percent of Republican primary voters want more … [Read more...]

Don’t blame Iowa for this mess

Sadness. With the Iowa caucuses imminent, there is much anti-Iowa sentiment among political junkies … [Read more...]

Sadness: Freedom Radio goes off the air in Iraq

Signing off In a flashback to Robin Williams from Good Morning Vietnam, the Washington Post reports … [Read more...]

The Definition of Dichotomy

There have been times in my life when certain words gained meaning all of a sudden.  Like, I knew … [Read more...]

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