August 22, 2017

Wells Fargo to Pay Out $7.5 Million to End the Memphis-Shelby County Lending Discrimination Lawsuit

Wells Fargo to provide $7.5 million to end Memphis, Shelby County lawsuit Pledges another $400 … [Read more...]

ALERT! 2nd DCA Overturns Foreclosure Judgment Decision out of Lee County, Florida – Homeowner’s Case Valid

This was an expected decision. I think it's safe to say that the original decision entered by Judge … [Read more...]

Washington Post- Pinellas County Takes A Leadership Role in Putting An End To Foreclosure Chaos

The national press have turned their attention on Pinellas County, because this circuit “Gets … [Read more...]

More Media Coverage of The Fraud and Failings of the Foreclosure Process

The founding fathers of this once great county realized long ago that free and unrestrained press … [Read more...]

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