August 20, 2017


Hey these are tough times and we all need something to cheer for right?  Well, there’s not … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Lawyers Misdeeds Ignored in Florida?

Florida courthouses are rife with evidence of errors and fabrications made by attorneys handling … [Read more...]

The mortgage debacle in the United States has raised deep questions about “the rule of law,”

The bigger picture about what we’re all fighting for….Really have to give credit to the … [Read more...]

Sarasota Tribune- Foreclosure Rulings May Complicate Foreclosure Cases

Excellent article, this is just he beginning. Sarasota Tribune Article Tweet this! Share and … [Read more...]

Saint Pete Times and Sarasota Trib- Blueprint to Clear Foreclosures v. Consequences if We Don’t!

The St. Pete Times and Sarasota Tribune are two of the finest, well funded and most prestigious … [Read more...]

News Coverage of the fine of Smith Hiatt & Diaz

The Sarasota Tribune has always done an excellent job of covering the foreclosure catastrophe that … [Read more...]

The Press Asks- Why Has It Taken So Long To Investigate The Mills?

From the Sarasota Tribune…Read the Story Here. Those of us who are actively involved in the … [Read more...]

More Media Coverage of The Fraud and Failings of the Foreclosure Process

The founding fathers of this once great county realized long ago that free and unrestrained press … [Read more...]

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