August 23, 2017

Quotes of the day

Second term? President Barack Obama says his Republican challenger has the “wrong vision” for the … [Read more...]

Obama: Those Republicans will be much more amenable during my second term, I’m sure

The Senate Minority Leader weighs in! As President Obama and the Democrats are wont to remind us, it … [Read more...]

WaPo: No, you’re not better off than four years ago

Household income drops below recession level. Thirty-two years ago, Ronald Reagan asked voters a … [Read more...]

Gallup swing state poll shows virtual tie, only 40% better off than in 2008

Stasis. Can an incumbent win a second term as President if the majority think their lives … [Read more...]

WaPo: Plouffe took $100,000 from firm doing business in Iran

The "open hand"? What does David Plouffe do when he’s not helping Barack Obama campaign for a … [Read more...]

That looks bad: 1,001 reasons to vote for Barack Obama

Or, you know... not. Here’s Firewall‘s Bill Whittle with an excellent reminder of all of … [Read more...]

Obama’s plan for a second term? “Investing.” A lot.

"Investing," a.k.a., spending. I already covered a clip of Obama’s major speech at a campaign … [Read more...]

Axelrod: “There’s this reign of terror going on in the Republican Party”

The politics of desperation. New tone?  David Axelrod spoke with National Journal’s Beth … [Read more...]

Obama: You know what my problem is? Poor messaging

Uh huh. He needs to be more “inspiring” in his second term. That’s been the big … [Read more...]

The “window of opportunity” for a 2nd Obama term

Big DREAMs One worry which I frequently see expressed in conservative circles has less to do with … [Read more...]

Obama to campaign on … change?

Forward! No ... U-turn! Er ... What argument does Barack Obama have for a second term?  Despite … [Read more...]

Hume: Obama’s really going to have to go negative

Sympathy for the devil ... in Prada? Can Barack Obama win a second term in November? Last … [Read more...]

Finally: Obama finds a reason for a second term

Do-overs. Hey, it only took fourteen months, but who’s counting? Bloomberg reports that Barack … [Read more...]

Noted perpetual candidate still in search of argument for a second term

How about Fear and Inertia? So … “Forward” apparently has flopped.  Earlier this … [Read more...]

Tom Coburn: Obama told me he’s willing to go a long way to reform entitlements in his second term

"And I believe him." He did once famously say, “After my election I have more … [Read more...]

Congressman to Obama: You’d better not be trading away our missile defense, champ; Update: A hint on Obama’s “flexibility” from Putin? Update: McCain calls Obama “a real Etch-a-Sketch leader”

“Exquisitely clear." It remains to be seen how the media will cover the explosive revelation from … [Read more...]

Obama to Medvedev: I’ll totally cave on missile defense in my second term if Putin will give me “space”

Flexibility. Ah, open microphones at photo ops.  Is there anything they can’t expose?  And is … [Read more...]

Are you ready for … Biden 2016?

God love ya, Joe. Yes, I know I’ve already done one palate-cleanser for today, but why not two … [Read more...]

Video: Rare American who can afford to buy Chevy Volt vows to buy one

"I liked sitting in it. It was nice. I bet it drives real good." Alternate headline via Amanda … [Read more...]

Dem pollster warns that voters will scoff at claims of recovery

Happy days aren't here again. Barack Obama wants to ask for a second term as President on the … [Read more...]

Poll: Majority of Americans say border control is more important to immigration reform

Priorities. While President Barack Obama attempts to convince Latino voters that he’d make … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Change is ... a revamped website? The man who ran his campaign on the promise of Hope and Change has … [Read more...]

Obama: Oh yeah, I’d like a second term “badly”

Funny you should pick that word... The president took time out of his busy campaign schedule to do … [Read more...]

Flashback: Newt in 1996 wanted to build “a real Jurassic Park”

"Wouldn't that be one of the spectacular accomplishments of human history?" While Rick Santorum … [Read more...]

Another lefty celebrity says he’s heartbroken and dismayed by Obama

Poor disillusioned supporters. In a recent appearance on the “Smiley & West” radio … [Read more...]

Why should we vote for an Obama second term, asks … Chris Matthews; Update: “Give us our orders”

The thrill is gone. Why indeed? In an interview with his MSNBC colleague Alex Witt, Chris Matthews … [Read more...]

Elijah Cummings, the Homeowner Crusader

Elijah Cummings, the Homeowner Crusader For President Barack Obama, fixing the collapsed housing … [Read more...]

Brilliant new ad explains why Obama needs to go

And a great rejoicing went out through the land ... It’s hard to tell whether this is a … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

A minus 180? How much of Barack Obama’s campaign agenda has he accomplished? Depends on who … [Read more...]

Bringing Up the REAR: House Speaker Rep. John Boehner

First let me just say that I am not really picking on Rep. Boehner so much individually, as I am … [Read more...]

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