August 18, 2017

Republican Filibuster Discloses that GOP Opposes DISCLOSURE

  On Monday evening, Senate Republicans filibustered to kill S.3369, the DISCLOSE Act… “A bill … [Read more...]

Cordray: Say, what this CFPB needs is more power

Tool time. When Senate Republicans blocked the confirmation of Richard Cordray to run the Consumer … [Read more...]

Mitch McConnell: Senate Republicans have to pick their battles wisely

Of the budget and ... the contraception mandate. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell today … [Read more...]

Here we go: Senate Republicans to join lawsuit challenging Obama recess appointments

Power grab. Welcome news on the merits, but I doubt Obama cares much. If he wins, then the Cordray … [Read more...]

Quotes of the day

Winners and losers. “The House Republicans’ initial rejection of this two-month extension was … [Read more...]

The Stalinist Era of Consumer Protection

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a part of The October Revolution in 1917… or the Bolshevik … [Read more...]

Quotes of the Day

Have I got a deal for you! “I refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer,” [Obama] … [Read more...]

Elijah Cummings Responds to Senate GOP Vote to Block Richard Cordray as Head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Cummings Responds to Senate GOP Vote to Block Richard Cordray as Head of Consumer Financial … [Read more...]

Quotes of the Day

blah blah blah “Republicans in Congress dismiss our plan at their own peril,” [Majority … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart to Nancy Pelosi: Why didn’t Dems pass a budget when they had the chance?

925 days. Good question, Mr. Stewart. Nancy Pelosi answers in typical Nancy Pelosi fashion — … [Read more...]

Public sector shedding 35k jobs a month — Republicans block bill to prevent further losses

State and local governments are usually engines of job growth during recoveries.  But economist … [Read more...]

Senate GOP to retaliate after Reid maneuver by withholding consent

"If you set off a nuke, you’re responsible for the fallout." Harry Reid detonated his nuclear option … [Read more...]

Senate Republicans introduce bill to eliminate budget gimmicks

The budget according to Uncle Sam. If only we could all budget our money the way Uncle Sam does. We … [Read more...]

The untold story of the CLASS Act: How concerns were ignored to ensure its passage

Classy. Administration officials knew before they even passed the CLASS Act that the voluntary … [Read more...]

Republicans Leap to the Aid of Banker-Servicers Over AG Settlement Proposal

Now this is really getting to be down right hysterical… or is surreal is a better word… no, maybe … [Read more...]

BRINGING UP THE REAR: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Almost as soon as the polls had closed this past November and the midterm elections were behind us, … [Read more...]

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