August 18, 2017

ResCap (GMAC) Executive Bonus Plan Rejected by Judge

ResCap executive bonus plan rejected by judge (Reuters) – A federal bankruptcy judge on … [Read more...]

Geithner on Financial Crimes: The Dog Ate My Homework

If I rob a federally insured bank and make off with $20,000, I'm facing years of federal prison … [Read more...]

Best Picture Nominees Meet the Foreclosure Crisis at the 84th Annual Academy Awards

This year at the 84th Annual Academy Awards The nominees for Best Picture … [Read more...]

Lanny Breuer, Eliot Spitzer, Mary Jo White, & Neil Barofsky | Crooks on the Loose? Did Felons Get a Free Pass in the Financial Crisis? (VIDEO)

More than three years after the one of the worst financial crises in U.S. history, the government … [Read more...]

After the Catch Television Show Features My Favorite New Product

My favorite new product and very part-time career choice, the Regal 2 electronic cigarette was on … [Read more...]

For Bankers of Failed Financial Institutions… the Pain Is Not Over Yet

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (“FDIC”) has started laying a foundation for lawsuits against … [Read more...]

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