August 20, 2017

Allegations of lewd conduct at highest levels of ICE force leave of absence by chief of staff

ICE breakers? It started with a lawsuit by an angry ICE director who claimed that Janet … [Read more...]

Choosing North Carolina a mistake?

"Simply put: North Carolina looks like a mess for Democrats." When the Democratic National Committee … [Read more...]

Tragic turn to NC Democratic Party turmoil

Yikes. We’ve had some fun with the scandal in the North Carolina Democratic Party leadership … [Read more...]

NC Democrat Party chair refuses to step down after scandal

Conventional follies. This entire story started off as a somewhat-embarrassing personnel issue at … [Read more...]

Outgoing NC governor belatedly calls for state party chair’s resignation over harassment scandal

Sweeping under the rug being, er, swept under the rug. Over the weekend, I predicted that the … [Read more...]

Student suspended for saying teacher was “cute”

It's come to this Is this an example of rude, young people with too little respect for their elders … [Read more...]

Cain: I wouldn’t be Romney’s VP — but I’d consider being his secretary of defense

Hmmmm. Via Mediaite, what do you think? You think the famously cautious Romney would be willing to … [Read more...]

Coming next: the joint press conference of Cain’s accusers

Round 5. Herman Cain may have hoped to put to rest the allegations of sexual harassment and … [Read more...]

First woman goes public with harassment claim against Cain; Update: “Very similar,” says other accuser’s lawyer

"I want you to come clean, Mr. Cain." A week after Politico published vague, second-hand accounts of … [Read more...]

New Cain accuser to hold press conference?

Guess who's representing her? A couple of caveats are in order when reading this breaking story … [Read more...]

Limbaugh: We need “a Republican Larry Flynt” to pay for proof of sexual harassment by libs

Good idea? As I wrote earlier this week, I don’t particularly like to dedicate much time or … [Read more...]

Open thread: Cain vs. Gingrich in Lincoln/Douglas debate

Entitlements. In lieu of a Quote of the Day, here’s your thread to follow along with C-SPAN … [Read more...]

Networks can’t get enough of this Herman Cain scandal

50 stories in four days. As Chris Cillizza just tweeted, “Sometimes picking the ‘Worst … [Read more...]

Contrasts in responses to the Cain sexual harassment allegations

Chatter. Herman Cain this morning told Fox News’ Jenna Lee that the sexual assault charge … [Read more...]

Revealed: Cain describes hand gesture that led to harassment claim; Update: Small settlement, says Cain

It's come to this. File that under “Headlines I never thought I’d write.” Is this … [Read more...]

Cain campaign manager: “Hard to believe” a GOP rival would plant the sexual harassment story

Wishful thinking? The question followed hard on the heels of the original Politico story and harder … [Read more...]

Herman Cain, live at the National Press Club

Amazing grace. Herman Cain this afternoon spoke live and answered questions at the National Press … [Read more...]

The Ed Morrissey Show: Kevin McCullough

3 pm ET! Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Kevin McCullough joins us again to discuss the … [Read more...]

Cain denies sexual-harassment claims

"Political trade press are now casting aspersions on his character..." There are many headlines that … [Read more...]

Christine O’Donnell: Let’s face it, Piers Morgan was borderline sexually harassing me

It's come to this. The surreal follow-up to Wednesday’s even more surreal walk-off. If you … [Read more...]

Ohio’s Former AG Marc Dann Talks Hawaii & Fighting Banks – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

Paraphrasing from Wikipedia… Marc Dann was born March 12, 1962, in Evanston, Illinois.  He … [Read more...]

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