August 24, 2017

Lost Pride in America Mine

    I’ve always felt nothing but unqualified anguish when thinking about the genocide … [Read more...]

Video: Follow the ideology

"This is Watergate -- with three hundred dead bodies." Bill Whittle pulls no punches in his new … [Read more...]

Attention Hawaii Homeowners with Bank of America and Ocwen Loans… Let Me Help

Okay, if you’re a homeowner in Hawaii with a Bank of America or Ocwen mortgage, and … [Read more...]

Recovery is Near! /sarcam | CNN – More than 30% of Mortgage Borrowers Still Underwater

More than 30% of mortgage borrowers still underwater NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Despite rising home … [Read more...]

Husband’s Suicide Over Foreclosure, Wells Fargo to Evict Wife Anyway

Husband’s Suicide Yesterday, Wells Fargo to Evict Wife Tomorrow Anyway So, it was Sunday… yesterday… … [Read more...]

Obamateurism of the Day

Fool me once ... Fool me once, shame on you … fool me twice, shame on me.  The old maxim seems … [Read more...]

Obama in Colombia this weekend: I’m scouting out a potential vacation spot for Michelle

No shame. As of Feb. 21, members of the Obama family had already taken 16 extended leisure trips, 10 … [Read more...]

How to win government contracts in the Obama era

Politicization. It goes something like this: Say, that’s a nice government-contracting … [Read more...]

Stolen Valor whistleblower fired

For shame This is one infuriating story which goes back a fair ways. Some years back, Xavier Alvarez … [Read more...]

Insider Says Wells Fargo’s Independent Foreclosure Review for OCC is “a Sham”

    I got an email the other night from one of my readers.  It said…   “I was … [Read more...]

Video of Lisa Epstein from Foreclosure Hamlet Speaking at Our 3rd Annual Fraudclosure Awareness Rally in Tally 2012

“Shame on you!” Lisa Epstein from Foreclosure Hamlet speaks at the 3rd Annual … [Read more...]

UN: Hey, who’s up for a moment of silence to honor a tyrant?

Shame. Via The Right Scoop, here’s a heartwarming story from Turtle Bay that will have you … [Read more...]

Most transparent administration ever seals Gunwalker records on agent’s death

For shame We mentioned it earlier today, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been quite as … [Read more...]

Justice Scalia: “Learn to love the gridlock”

"The real key to the distinctiveness of America is the structure of our govenment." It is a shame … [Read more...]

Defeat the Florida un(Fair) Foreclosure Act

The banking lobby just simply has no shame. Are you kidding me? They name a bill the "Florida Fair … [Read more...]

The Florida Investigation Integrity Act | Bill Aims to Close Revolving Door Between AG, Probed Companies (LPS)

It’s really a shame that a bill has to be introduced for this… ~ Bill Aims to Close … [Read more...]

Mother Jones and the Letter from Congress Demanding a Foreclosure Moritorium

This letter comes not from the passionate advocates battling against the abuses of the mills, but … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Poetry

From Down River Eye In Idaho, you lucked up and got to sock it to them good. Pays to be on your toes … [Read more...]

No shame in walking away from mortgage

Borrowers who “strategically default” and walk away from mortgages with the thinking  they're better … [Read more...]

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