July 22, 2017

“Better off”: America slips ranks in global economic competitiveness

Why don't you just give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it? In regards to Team … [Read more...]

L&L In D.C.

Tomorrow two Slips members -- Adam and I -- journey to the House of Representatives. Ok, for Adam … [Read more...]

Freep, froop, frop . . . No, It’s Pottow!

Credit Slips alumni John Pottow sent me an op-ed from Freep.com. Being an idiot, it took me a while … [Read more...]

Adiós Gringos | Pew Report – For First Time Since Depression, More Mexicans Leave U.S. Than Enter

Net Migration from Mexico Falls to Zero—and Perhaps Less The largest wave of immigration in history … [Read more...]

Joe Biden: Thank you, Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper, I'd like to thank you, too. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY: Lest you think my happiness is … [Read more...]

And Now Featuring Melissa Jacoby

On behalf of all the Credit Slips bloggers, it is my pleasure to announce the permanent return of … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy, Backwards

Credit Slips Own Anna Gelpern has a great new article in the Yale Law Journal that very much … [Read more...]

Revamping the Advanced Bankruptcy Class

Thanks, Bob, for welcoming me back. I'd like to start with a quick poll. Credit Slips readers, … [Read more...]

New Balick Chair at Widener Law School

Many Credit Slips readers will remember Judge Helen S. Balick who presided over the U.S. Bankruptcy … [Read more...]

The Slips Go to Capitol Hill

Tomorrow, Katie Porter and I will be testifying at a subcommittee hearing for the Senate Committee … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With

For those Slips readers who are not regular Bloomberg people, I highly recommend today's bit … [Read more...]

Herman Cain and the Pokemon connection

It's come to this It’s a fact of life that political candidates will, from time to time, slip … [Read more...]

Key manufacturing index slips in July

Mired. A key index from the manufacturing industry shows, ahem, unexpectedly poor performance in the … [Read more...]

Housing Slips Into Depression Territory

Not like anyone needed any reminder or further evidence of just how bad things … [Read more...]

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